What if Earth started rotating in opposite direction?

The earth rotates about an imaginary line that passes through the North and South Poles of the planet. This line is called the axis of rotation. And the earth rotates anti-clockwise or counter-clockwise in this direction. That's normal. 
But, what if Earth changes its direction of rotation and started rotating clockwise? We will see the answer to this question in the following article. Let's go deeper.

Earth rotates from West to East at a speed of 1000 miles/hour approximately. So, there are two possible cases. 
  1. Change in direction of rotation is sudden.
  2. Change in direction takes place over a while.

In Case 1, if the change of speed occurs instantly, there would be a relative change in speed of 2000 miles/hour. To understand the quantum of this speed, the tsunami waves which hit Japan in March 2011 were about 500 miles per hour. So the change in speed four times to speed of tsunami waves.
In Case 2, the speed of rotation of the Earth will first reduce to zero and then start advance in opposite direction. If the speed of earth rotation becomes zero then,
  1. Wind system of Earth will be destroyed. This means abnormal weather conditions.
  2. There would be no day and night balance in nature will be disrupted.
  3. Dynamo effect of earth's rotation generates the magnetic field of the earth. The magnetic field will first reduce to zero and then redevelop in the opposite direction.

So, the above discussed impacts are sudden, but their will be various long term geographical changes:
  1. The trade winds flow from East to the west and cause eastern rainfall margins of the continent. After this change, the directions of rotation will change, and it will produce rainfall on western margins. So new deserts will be generated, and deserts like California, Atacama, and Sahara(to some extent) will be greenish grasslands.
  2. The climatic conditions on Earth will change abruptly. The current species may not be able to survive such conditions. This will lead to the evolution of new species which would be able to adapt better. These are some of the possible effects which may occur due to change in the direction of spinning of Earth.

The End Notes

So, that's all in this post. That's my views based on some articles that I have read recently. And I am just sharing my perspective. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share your views in the comment section below. Or you can join the Research Forum and share your views there. Cheers!

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