What if Earth was as big as Jupiter?

Have you ever thought that Earth is perfect for us to live. Its size and shape(Flat Earthers Should Leave This Blog), are perfect. But, what would happen if earth was big, as big as Jupiter? We will look for the answer on following article. Let's go deeper.

Here are few points:
  1. The gravity would be a lot more stronger .
  2. If the earth was to remain in the same position i.e. Third rock from the sun then the neighboring planets orbits will change greatly.( Jupiter is bigger than all planets of solar system excluding itself combined)
  3. Days will be much much longer.
  4. I am not sure but the Moon will no longer affect the tides as strongly as the size of the moon will be minuscule as compared to earth. Actually, so much gravity can pull the moon towards Earth.
  5. I am just theorizing that the earth’s gravity will affect the moon much more strongly , even reduce the size of its orbit so much that the moon might just crash like a meteorite on the earth’s surface
  6. People will experience a lot more gravity and so their height might be considerably lesser .
  7. Geopolitically for the same number of people present on normal sized earth right at this moment, there would be a lot more space(as in just Jupiter’s diameter is equivalent to 11.2 earths placed side by side.)
Jupiter is around five times less dense than Earth, so an Earth the size of Jupiter would have tremendous surface gravity, would generate a very large amount of geothermal energy. From calculations based on the compressibility of rock, Earth would settle at 4 times the radius, so 16 times more surface for people to live on. Unfortunately the social dynamics won't really be an issue, because the surface gravity of this Super Earth is 100 times greater than regular Earth. According to Wolfram Alpha this is the threshold for severe injury or death in a human. I'm not certain but it is possible that the surface might be lava, because of the internal temperature. The atmosphere and water would be thick and close to the ground.

So, that's all are my views. Please share what you think about it in the comment section. And do follow this blog for more interesting articles. 

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