What if the Sun becomes Black Hole?

The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It provides us light, energy, and life. But what if Sun becomes a Black Hole? To be logical we must first solve the mystery that could the sun become a Black Hole?

Could the Sun become a Black Hole?

The Sun won’t become a black hole. It’s too small. At most, it will become a white dwarf. In the process of becoming a white dwarf, the Sun will swell up to a red giant that may swallow the Earth. It still won’t help us, because the heat from the red giant phase will boil the seas, blow away the atmosphere and melt mountains, so Everyone Dies.

But let just expand our illogical point of view and think that if we replace the Sun with Black Hole what will happen? This is just to apply and enjoy Science, please don't think that I am mad. I may be but I am not. 

What if the Sun becomes a Black Hole?

If the Sun is replaced by a black hole of exactly one solar mass. Just over 8 minutes later, the sky would go dark. We wouldn’t notice the change until then, because it takes that long for sunlight to reach us, and all the sunlight that was on its way when we snapped our fingers would still continue outwards.
But when that sunlight passes us, the sky goes dark. We may see some sunlight reflected on the planets for a few minutes and hours. Mercury would go dark almost immediately. Depending on where Venus is relative to us and our ex-sun, it could shine for some minutes. Mars would be seen for over half an hour. Jupiter and Saturn for hours. But then they would be dark too, and only stars remain.

The planets and the Earth would not fall in. A black hole with the Sun's mass would be much smaller, and the event horizon (where the gravitational pull becomes overwhelming) would be within Mercury's orbit. There would be no massive gravity surge to suck everything in, contrary to popular expectation. But if the gravitational power of Black Hole became massive than you better know that what will happen.

Let us try to figure it out more flexibly:
  • If Mass of Black Hole will be Equal to Sun: If mass of black hole would be equal to sun, then its gravity would also be equal to sun and its size would be very very smaller as comparison to sun due to its super density. As a result, all the planets of our solar empire keep revolving around it. Then, we will have no source of heat if black hole have not accretion disk. If it would have accretion disk, then rubbing matter can produce some heat. If it have not, then life would completely disappeared from earth with starting of ice age of eternity. May be some microscopic species would escape by destruction. Not only earth, but other planets like Venus, Mercury would also start to lose their temperature.
  • If Size of Black Hole will be same as Sun: If size would be same means it should have mass and gravity equal to many many times as comparison to Sun. In that case, the planets should increase their angular velocity otherwise these will be pulled by strong gravitational force of black hole. If angular velocity will not increase, then we will have to say "Bye for Good" to our solar system.
  • If Mass of Black Hole will be smaller than Sun: If size of black hole would be smaller to sun, then it should have lesser gravity than sun. Means, the values of centrifugal force would be larger than the gravitational pull. If planets will not reduce their angular velocity, then these will not obey their orbits and will become rouge planets. Yes, planets without stars.

So, that's all in this post. I hope you enjoyed it. For more amazing and interesting posts please follow this blog. 

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