What is inside a Black Hole?

You have hit on one of the most typical unsolved mystery of science. Many scientists gave their theories about the end point of a black hole. Hence ,we discuss about these theories. But before it, you have to know about some related words like singularity and spaghettification.

The end point of a black hole is known as singularity. And when an object becomes elongated without breaking due to the influence of gravity is known as spaghettification.

Let you are going inside a black hole named Seg. A Star, which presents at centre of our galaxy and is 26000 light years away from us.

First of all,have to cross accretion disc orbiting around black hole. Hence the matter rubbed to itself due to friction and thus its temperature becomes many many times larger than the sun. Centrifugal force prevents it to go inside. Let's assume that you have crossed it.

A new theory tells that there is an invisible wall around black hole having most largest values of temperature in whole of the universe. So, if you try to go inside it,you will be consumed. Let's ,assume that you have crossed it.

Now you have to face Event horizon, which is that area of a black hole, in which if you once enter, then impossible to come out. It elongates your body like a spaghetti and this is called spaghettification. When you go cross Event horizon, you will be inside the black hole. According to a scientific theory, there are many subatomic charged particles inside it having energy more than any terrestrial particle. These particles move with speed of light. According to the General Relativity of Albert Einstein, the light and matter are still there which are swallowed by the black hole at any past time. Means it is a cosmic museum.

An another theory told that there is no existence of singularity. It is a worm hole. Means if a black hole swallows matter then it would came out from another place and from which it opens is known as a white hole. White hole is theoretically a black hole but it repel the matter and not attract or swallow it.

I think l have something best for all of you if you really want to know what is inside a black hole. It is extremely interesting and surprising.

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