What killed the Dinosaurs?

This is more complicated question than anyone thinks. Most people are aware that 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous Period, the world experienced a Mass ExtinctionPeople commonly call it the “Extinction of the Dinosaurs.” But this is a misleading name for these reasons:
  1. Most dinosaurs weren’t even there. Dinosaurs first evolved 230 million years ago, and over time new species arose and old species died out just like any other organisms, for many different reasons. The end-Cretaceous wasn’t even the first mass extinction dinosaurs experienced, although…
  2. The end-Cretaceous was a BIG event. Somewhere around 80-90% of life on earth died out, including all the pterosaurs, ammonites, mosasaurs, and more, as well as almost all of the corals, mammals, reptiles, and many more. Every living group suffered in this extinction, including the dinosaurs alive at the time, but…
  3. Dinosaurs survived. By the time of the extinction, one group of dinosaurs had already become small, feathered, flying animals we call birds. Nearly all the birds went extinct during the event, but some hung on, ultimately giving rise to the dinosaurs we have flying around us today.

So, what actually happened? 

I have a quite clear answer.
The Asteroid hits. This answer is supported by all. But is it the fully baked answer? No. The reason is much more. The asteroid was not only a factor. When the asteroid hits the earth, the ash and dust kicked up spread across the global atmosphere for months, reducing sunlight, which reduced temperatures and spelled bad news for plants. Struggling plants means struggling animals, the ecosystem collapsed and took almost everything with it.

I have something more interesting on this article

Do all Dinosaurs extinct?

No. Some are still alive. The species called avialae survived, and are known today as birds. They’re a type of theropod dinosaur.

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