Which virtual assistant is better: Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby?

Virtual Assistant is something which provides support and services from remote locations. These days smartphones are filled with various types of virtual assistants. It's tough to distinguish which is better. But we will look some points in the following article. Let's go deeper.

Amazon Alexa

Its by amazon and the assistant is good but not too good according to me. You have to buy amazon Alexa which you can't take on the go. For home it's good but Google home is there to beat it.


Let me first tell you that it's not S voice so don't laugh on it. Everybody knows that S voice was of no use but Bixby is. Introduced in galaxy S8, it was first not too good but it's now toping on the list in controlling your phone. It's the best assistant and have full control over your smartphone. For eg. You can say “open Facebook and show my friend's list starting with b.” It will do that very easily whereas any other assistants can't. You can also say “clear all the apps except clash of clans” or “turn off adaptive brightness.” In short, you can do anything with your phone without touching it. It can do anything you would say that can be done in your phone. But for asking queries, its not too strong but will do the work like saying whether and which match is when.


As on Windows, you will have no choice other than cortana and its quite good as there is no one to compete with it. But for android, it is still under development and Microsoft is including new features everyday but it can't beat others on android.

Google Assistant

The most powerful assistant ever on android platform and of course Google home for your home leaving Alexa behind. But as I told, for fully controlling your smartphone and not asking usual queries, Bixby is best. But still Google assistant is very powerful with strongest data base. It will show you right answers for every question you ask but can't control your device fully.


If you are having iPhone, then I need not to tell you. Yes, there's no one for iPhone else than Siri, google assistant is also there for iPhone but is weaker on iPhone and can't take over Siri on iPhone. Siri is not very much strong else. It can't show you relevant answers and best searches nor it can control every thing on iPhone. But people will adjust with it because they know that they have to own an iPhone to keep their prestige high. So, not at last but yes it's last in the answer and in the performance.

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