Why is the Universe Expanding?

Up until the 1920’s, it was believed that the Universe was static, eternal and unchanging, but in 1929 Hubble showed that Universe is expanding. So, what is the reason? Why is the universe expanding? We will try to figure it out in the following article. Let's go deeper.

When the Big Bang occurred, it's result was a huge amount of gas and dust, which condensed together to form planets and the stars. There was chaos. There was high energy. It's like when you give energy to an atom, its electrons become excited, and leave spectral lines which are, depending on that atom, in the region of the spectrum of light (X-ray, ultraviolet, visible, radio waves, etc.). Similarly, as there was high energy, the Universe started expanding and is still expanding. The galaxies are moving away from each other, even now. 
Now the question is, Will the Universe expand forever or will it begin contracting? The question is, does the Universe have enough mass and energy so that gravitation will eventually overcome expansion? It appears that the Universe is forever balanced on the knife-edge between eternal expansion and eventual contraction. This is both consistent with all of the observational data and theoretically attractive. if the Universe expands forever, it has net positive energy; if it eventually collapses, net negative energy; but if it is balanced on the edge, its net energy is exactly zero. This means that the Universe might be a quantum vacuum fluctuation: this is the Vacuum genesis hypothesis.
The End Notes
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