WHO Has Temporarily Suspended Hydroxychloroquine

The World Health Organization will temporarily suspend enrollment in Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment option for COVID-19. Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan explained that the trial is overseen by a board of experts and an independent data safety monitor.

In our last article we have clearly said that, "Scientists have collected more evidence leading to a facts that medications being used against COVID-19 aren't good for treatment. A new study on patients found that the treatments didn't appear to help patients who are in hospitalized and instead it increases risk of death by boosting heart complications.The steering committee decided that there is uncertainty about the drug, that they should "err on the side of caution and suspend enrollment into the hydroxychloroquine arm" of the trial.

The board committee also declared that this is just a temporary step, the committee will meet again in two weeks to review the data. And if there will be no danger found in the use of hydroxychloroquine it will be continued for trials. 

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