How Google uses Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a transformative way by the use of which a program learns to work in a more better way by its previous mistakes. Today, Google is applying Machine Learning across all of its products , be it Search, Ads, YouTube or Play. This is just the beginning and in future they are rolling out it more systematically.
You'll get to know, how google is applying Machine Learning across all of its products in the following article.

Google takes advantage of machine learning algorithms to provide its customers with valuable and personalized experience. Google is already has Machine Learning embedded in services like Gmail, Google Search and Google Maps.

How Gmail uses Machine Learning?

Have you ever wondered how the mails in Gmail are categorized as social, promotional or primary and how the emails are labeled, this is where the machine learning comes in. User Intervention is used to tune to its threshold. When a user marks a message in consistent direction, Gmail itself performs a real-time increment to its threshold and that’s how Gmail learns for future and later use those results for categorization.
Even Google uses Machine Learning to mark Emails as spam.

How Google Ads uses Machine Learning?

Have you seen those advertisements that are shown on the websites you visit? See the relevancy of those ads to your earlier search history?
Suppose you check out something on the web for shopping but decide not to buy it then and then. Later you forget about that. The next day you visit YouTube you are astonished to see an ad of that product on YouTube. You wonder how?
Google tracks your history of search and recommends ads based on that. So in a word Google AdSense is heavily based on your search history data. Machine learning helps Google achieve this.

How Google Search and Google Maps uses Machine Learning?

Google Search and Google Maps employ Machine Learning too. When you start typing in the search box it automatically anticipates what you might be looking for and provides suggested search terms. The suggestions could be based on past searches, what is popular now, or where you are at the time.

How Google Assistant uses Machine Learning?

Google Assistant is a new example of Machine Learning on Android, helping you with everyday tasks. Assistant makes it easy to buy movie tickets while on the go, to find a perfect restaurant for your family to grab a quick bite before the movie starts, and then help you navigate to the theater. Today, Google Assistant is available on the new Google Pixel phone. Older phones have an earlier version called Google Now.

How Google Translate uses Machine Learning?

We’ve all used Google Translate at some point. It’s free, fast, and provides a generally accurate translation of a word, sentence, or paragraph that we come across in another language. While it’s not 100% accurate, especially for larger blocks of text or some specific languages, it can provide you with a general meaning of a given foreign language text. Google Translate works using statistical machine translation (SMT), where computers analyze millions of existing translated documents from the web to learn vocabulary and look for patterns in a language. Google Translate then picks the most statistically probable translation when asked to translate a new bit of text.

How Google Photos uses Machine Learning?

The Google Photos app allows users to back up their photos from multiple devices in a single location, while also collecting pictures of the same people or objects into organized groups. It will do those tasks automatically, creating an album that collects photos taken during a specific period, such as on a vacation, organized into an album of showing the “best” photos from the trip. Those photos will also be tagged with well-known landmarks they depict and people that appear frequently. Machine Learning also knows that what is happening inside a certain photograph, whether a party or any sport and it sort it according to that.

The End Notes

Machine Learning is already widely used in various search engines to calculate trends, value or other characteristics of things based on historical data. Talking about Google, it declared itself a company that focuses on machine learning first. With the help of Machine Learning Google is saving millions of dollar on counter-checking their algorithms. Well, that's all in this post. Hope you guys enjoyed and learned something from it. Please comment down if I missed anything, well their are several things I left for you to discuss in the comment section.

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