How Science is Used In Technology?

How Science is Used In Technology?
Hey I am very exited to wrought about this topic and this topic is really interesting than others topics. Because here we discuss "How Technology and Science are related". Its a really interesting topic so guys do not forget to follow us. Lets started.
The Hubble Telescope is noted to be seen that technology and science are closely related. Therefore this shows that Technology uses Science to solve problems and Science uses Technology to make new discoveries. However, Both have different goals. The Most important goal of Science is to answers questions and increase knowledge. And the most important goal of technology is to find solution for practical problems. Although both have different goals, but they work hand in hand, and each helps the other to achieve more advance. Similarly, Scientific knowledge is use to create more new technologies such as the space telescope. Regarding to this new technologies often allow scientist to explore nature in new ways.
What type Science is Used to make Technologies?
The Science are the most important tool to make technology. Science help technology to discover new one. We all know that Science is the body of knowledge of the physical and the natural worlds. Whereas, The Technology is the body of knowledge of the physical, systems, processes, and artifacts that results from engineering. Science seeks to describe and understand the natural world and its physical properties. Whereas, The technology can be used to describe almost anything made by humans to solve a problem or meet a need. Science uses varied approaches scientific method such as controlled experiments or longitudinal observational studies to generate knowledge. Whereas, Thee technology results from the process of engineering. 
This para shows that Science have very important role to discover technology. But where science used to make technology let's check it out. When you are playing angry birds on your smartphones, you likely don't realize how important is to what you are doing. As the birds catapult through the air, there's a far communication between science and playing your favorite games. That's because of all technology from smartphones to medical scanners on cars are informally connected with science. 
Science is The study of natural world by collecting data through a systematic process called the scientific method. And technology is where we apply science to create devices that can solve problem and do tasks So, it really impossible to separate the two. So, I think that is essential for this post do not forget to follow us. THANK YOU.

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