How long would you survive on different Planets without Spacesuit?

NOTICE: All the Information given below is just based on approximations and not yet tested. So, don't test it on yourself without wearing a Spacesuit.

When I was researching these Questions, I found some very interesting answers on the Internet. I am saying those answers interesting because they have mentioned how much time you will survive on different planets in seconds and minutes. That was crazy. 

How can anyone be so much exact about extraterrestrials?

Well, I am not going to be unpractical in this situation. And I am going to give you the reasons for my answers. I hope you will find them interesting. Before we go deeper, please follow the latest articles by TheNotes by just dropping a precious comment below. Now, let us go deeper.

Here I am not including Earth and including more bodies of our solar system, the bodies in our solar system can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. Airless bodies or nearly So (Include Mars): In these planetary conditions the air goes rushing out of your lungs. You get 10–15 seconds of consciousness and then a few minutes in which you could be saved if you were brought back into the atmosphere in time. Most of these worlds have major temperature extremes but that’s not instantly lethal by any means. You would die of suffocation before freezing or baking.
  2. Bodies with hot, high-pressure Atmospheres (Including Venus): Here the air comes smashing into your lungs, once again you no longer have an oxygen reserve and get 10–15 seconds of very painful consciousness. The damage is lethal, there can be no rescue. In this case, it’s more questionable what your cause of death is.
  3. Bodies with cold, high-pressure Atmospheres (Includes Titan): You can survive as long as you can hold your breath. Yes, it’s exceedingly cold but for a short time, exceedingly cold atmospheres are not going to inflict appreciable harm. This isn’t that much more severe than cryotherapy (which can involve up to 2 minutes in rooms as cold as you can still have oxygen to breathe. The most exposed bits are sheltered and your feet are covered, but otherwise, you wear the minimum needed for modesty), you’ll take some damage to your feet and probably a bit of frostbite on the edges, but it’s nowhere near lethal damage.
  4. Gas Giants (Includes Jupiter): This is more problematic as you don’t have a surface to step out onto so there isn’t one answer to the question. Sufficiently high up you have case 1. As you go deeper it becomes more like case 3 (but note there’s no surface to stand on, thus no special damage to your feet.) Deeper still it becomes more like case 2, eventually reaching the point your lungs explode (hydrogen + oxygen is quite energetic) as the atmosphere smashes in, eventually you reach a point the heat kills before the lack of oxygen.

The End Notes

We’re not aware of any planets where you could live comfortably anywhere without any breathing apparatus at least, but there are zones on many planets where you could survive with only some breathing apparatus. I again tell you not to try this on you. Oh wait, you don't have enough money to do so. So, that's all in this article. Cheers!

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