Is Universe Flat or Not?

So we possess three dimensions, we live on the earth which is well known three dimensional. Earth is inside the solar system, the solar system is inside the galaxy, the galaxy is inside the universe. Could any three-dimensional object be put inside a two dimensional? But still, there are some questions on this topic. So, what is the actual shape of the Universe? Is it flat or not?

The shape of the Universe

The shape of the universe is affected by the gravitational pull based on matter density and the expansion rate. If this matter density attains a defined critical value then the universe is spherical, not infinite but has no end. Whereas if this density is below a defined value then the shape of the universe is open, which means it will keep expanding having no end. Besides these two conditions, if the matter density is equal to the critical value then the shape is flat, here also the universe will keep expanding but with the distance, the rate of expansion will become zero. 

According to the recent measurements, the universe is flat with a 2 percent margin of error. These facts are discussed clearly in an article published in

According to data from Wikipedia which needs attention from an expert on the subject, the shape of the entire universe can be described in three ways:

  1. Finite or Infinite
  2. Flat, Open or Closed
  3. Connectivity, how the universe is put together

The End Notes

I want to declare that these all parameters which are discussed above are not real. I mean they need attention from experts. If anyone of you wanna share his knowledge, you can share here on the comments section below or you can join the forum and keep sharing and learning new concepts. That's all in this article. I am writing more interesting blogs for you. Be a part.


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