Reality of Life in Mars

Mars also known as Red Planet and was named after God of War. According to Roman myth, Mars road on a chariot pulled to horses phobos and Deimos. (meaning Fear and Panic).
Billions of years ago approximately 4.603 billion years, Fourth Planet from the sun was mistaken to be Earth's smaller twin with liquid water on its surface and even may life. With a radius of 2,106 miles Mars is the seventh largest planet on the Solar System. Though it is a cold barren desert with few science of liquid water was still believed to have life on Mars beneath its rusty surface even today.

Seasons in Mars are similar to those on Earth. Whichever hemisphere is tilted close to the sun will experience summer and spring while the hemisphere which is tilted away from the Sun will experience Winter. One of the complicating factor for having life on Mars is that it has a very thinner atmosphere than Earth,which dramatically decreases or lessens the amount of heat the planet can trap near its surface. Sometimes the surface temperature on Mars can reach as high as 70 degree Fahrenheit or as low as -225 degree Fahrenheit which is almost 138 degrees colder than Earth's average temperature.
Atmosphere in Mars is made up of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon and air is absurdly thin. According to some evidence billions of years ago lakes and rivers of liquid water coursed across the red planet surface. This means at some point of time in the distant past Mars's atmosphere was sufficiently firm and retained enough heat for water to remain in liquid form on the red planet's atmosphere. But on today's date there are no large bodies of liquid water on the surface there today.
Mars also lacks in having planetry magnetic field and an active plate tectonic system which is active on planet  Earth. mars never likely to have enough oxygen in its atmosphere to support more complex organisms. But there are some evidence of unusual organism to be found their which is still a matter of controversy. This the really interesting post to know about Mars. So, Do not forget to follow us.THANK YOU.

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