Mystery of Black Moon

I’m sure that you’ve heard about blue moons in one capacity or another. Black moons are extremely similar, although with one difference.

What is the Black Moon?

While a blue moon means the second full moon in a calendar month, a black moon is the second new moon in a calendar month. What this means is, 2 new moons occur in the same month. these events occur once every 28 months.

Types of Black Moons

However, there are two other types of black moons, although they are fairly similar to one another.

The second type of Black Moon is the third New Moon in a season that has 4 New Moons. For example, if the season of Winter of 2017/2018 had 4 New Moons in it, the third of these New Moons would be a Black Moon. Why the third? Beats me, Astronomical naming is weird.

The final type of Black Moons is the rarest and will be happening this February 2018. These black moons only occur once every 20 years, during the month of February. It is a month when there is no full moon in the sky until after the month ends. It only happens in February because February is the only month short enough for this to happen.

Why is this named, though?

Quite simply put we call blue moons and black moons what they are, simply because it’s an interesting phenomenon, then means absolutely nothing. A blue moon is still just another full moon, and a black moon is simply just another new moon or just a lack of a full moon.

The End Notes

I am sure this article removes your confusion about Black Moon. If you have any questions or suggestions, do comment below. I really appreciate it a lot. Have a good one.


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