Proofs indicating that Earth is really Flat

Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. Walking around on the planet's surface, it looks and feels flat, so they deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere, to be fabrications of a "round Earth conspiracy" orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies.

Here in this article, we are going to look at some answers and pieces of evidence from Flat-Earthers point of view on some most frequently asked questions.

What evidence do you have?

The evidence for a flat earth is derived from many different facets of science and philosophy. The simplest is by relying on one's senses to discern the true nature of the world around us. The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the sun; these are all examples of your senses telling you that we do not live in a spherical heliocentric world. This is using what's called an empiricist approach, or an approach that relies on information from your senses. Alternatively, when using Descartes' method of Cartesian doubt to skeptically view the world around us, one quickly finds that the notion of a spherical world is the theory that has the burden of proof and not flat earth theory.

Perhaps the best example of flat earth proof is the Bedford Level Experiment. In short, this was an experiment performed many times on a six-mile stretch of water that proved the surface of the water to be flat. It did not conform to the curvature of the earth that round earth proponents teach.

Many other experiments demonstrating the lack of curvature in the earth may be found in ''Earth Not a Globe'', by Samuel Rowbotham.

Is Flat Earth Theory connected to a religion?

Flat Earth Theory is neither officially nor unofficially associated with any religion. Throughout the ages, various religious institutions have championed a flat earth model for the world. Unfortunately, this leaves us with the vestigial thought that Flat Earth Theory and religions are symbiotic. They are not, even though many religions today, both mainstream and otherwise, still teach its followers that the world is flat. While they are not incorrect, believing in a flat earth isn't contingent upon believing in a deity or being a part of any religion.

People have been into space. How have they not discovered that the earth is flat?

The most commonly accepted explanation of this is that the space agencies of the world are involved in a conspiracy faking space travel and exploration. This likely began during the Cold War's 'Space Race', in which the U.S.S.R and USA were obsessed with beating each other into space to the point that each faked their accomplishments in an attempt to keep pace with the others supposed achievements. However, since the end of the Cold War, the conspiracy is most likely motivated by greed rather than political gains. Thus opening up tremendous amounts of funds to embezzle as it only takes a fraction of the total budget to fake space travel.

In light of the above, please note that we are not suggesting that space agencies are aware that the earth is flat and actively covering the fact up. They depict the earth as being round simply because that is what they expect it to be.

There are many pictures on the internet and in other media depicting the earth as being round. Why do these not disprove flat earth theory?

In general, we at the Flat Earth Society do not lend much credibility to photographic evidence. It is too easily manipulated and altered. Many of the videos posted here to "prove a round earth" by showing curvature will show no curvature or even convex curvature at parts. The sources are so inaccurate it's difficult to build an argument on them in either case. Furthermore, barrel distortion and other quirks of modern cameras will cause a picture to distort with little or no apparent altercation; especially without references within the picture. Photographs are also prone to distortion when taken through the bent glass of a pressurized cabin as well as atmospheric conditions on the outside. With this litany of problems, it's easy to see why photographic evidence is not to be trusted.

It's also worth noting that if a person were to look down at the earth from high above, they would expect to see a circular shape where the sun's spotlight was shining. This explains why high altitude photographs are generally curved to produce the illusion of a round horizon.

What is the definitive Flat Earth model?

There are multiple Flat Earth models, all with adherents that would say that theirs is the best. Unlike the mainstream, Flat Earth theory does not follow the leader, it encourages free thought and open-mindedness.

Some have arrived at Flat Earth Theory because of religious belief. This is not universally the case, but some models are more religious.

Multiple explanations for a single phenomenon are a common occurrence in scientific study. All theories begin in this fashion, it is only by discussion and sharing that consensus is reached.

So GPS is working as we all can use it. How does this work on flat earth?

Why do you think GPS wouldn't work on flat earth?

How does the sky work with the Flat Earth conspiracy?

With the Earth being flat and all, what does that imply for the rest of the space? I've seen some state that the sky and the rest of the universe is a simulation run by the government, or elites, or something or other, and I've seen some people just kinda' slap a "God works in strange ways" explanation onto it. Are we reverting to the days where we believed Earth is the center of the universe and everything revolves around us? Are we reverting even further back to the days of myths where it was believed the night sky is a great blanket with pinpricks revealing the light of some great cosmic fire behind it, and the gods had to physically carry the moon and sun across the sky to create the day and night cycle?

I don't know the shape of the universe. Just the Earth. Flat. I'll leave guessing the universe's shape to the most useless of "scientists", those that devote themselves to theoretical astrophysics. I wish I could get paid to make up theories that can never be tested like them.

The End Notes

That's all in this post. It is a compilation of all the FAQs posted on Flat Earther's official website. Well, in their perspective they are not wrong.

But, I can't say anything more. Please comment below and leave your opinion, it will help me in compiling the next article.


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