This man created an OS to talk to God

Programming is a passion. Sometimes passions grow wisely but sometimes wildly. Well, today I have a story of a brilliant programmer whose passion grows wildly. He was Terry A. Davis. Terrence Andrew Davis was an American programmer who created and designed the operating system Temple OS.


Terrence Andrew Davis took birth in West Allis situated in Wisconsin. From his very childhood Davis was very much interested in Computers, he uses an 8-bit Apple II computer at his elementary school. He learned Assembly language in his teenage. Okay, so let's move onto the point. 

The Story

Terrence lived a very terrifying yet inspiring life. A 26-year-old graduate from the State University of Arizona started his IT career as a programmer in the Ticketmaster company. Soon, the problems arise and he began suffering from some mental issues. This led him to a psychiatric hospital and later he was declared suffering from schizophrenia.

Note: If you don't know about what Schizophrenia is. Here is a short description.

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally.

Let us continue the story. So, he was suffering from a mental illness known as Schizophrenia and this leads to the development of something very very interesting.

The Temple OS

Over the next 12 years, he built his operating system writing about more than 100,000 lines of code. He believed that God told him to do so. This is because of Schizophrenia. 

Let us discuss the features of this OS. This OS comes with a flight simulator, a compiler, a kernel, and an editor. It even has a grep, a sprite editor, and 3D mesh creator. As the part of project pre-compilation stage, Terrence himself created a programming language that is derived from C and he named it "holy".

The End Notes

Terry lived a great inspiring yet controversial life. Due to his severe illness, he created something very unlikely to be thought by anyone else. He died in a Train Accident. Yet, it's a mystery that if that was Accident or Suicide. He also had a title that calls him "God's Lonely Programmer". Well, what he does is something very great and we all need to cheer him for that. Love and Respect to Davis.

Rest In Peace, you king. You are inspiring me a lot.

Well, that's all on this article, please do comment and share this. Meet you soon, until then have a good one. 


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