Top 5 Most Asked Questions on Mars

Before doing some work, we all have had some questions and confusion. The same is with our Mars Mission. Here, in this article, we've answered TOP 5 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS on Mars.

If Mars is farther from the sun than Earth, why is water still on Earth?

H2O exists as a gas, liquid (water), and ice on Earth because our planet is warm relative to Mars. It is closer to the sun than Mars and has a warming atmosphere. On Mars, H2O today can only exist as gas and ice because the atmosphere is very thin and Mars is 1.54 times farther from the sun as compared to Earth. It makes Mars very cold. In the past when Mars had a dense atmosphere it was warmer and water could exist on the surface.

What’s the warmest place on Mars? If/when we colonize Mars, why wouldn’t we colonize at that warm place? 

The equator in low regions would be warmest, particularly if the places are dark and absorb a lot of sunlight. These might be good places for a human expedition.

What makes the North Pole on Mars white? Snow, ice, or something else?

The winter poles on Mars are covered by ice made of frozen carbon dioxide. Very bright indeed.

Do you think there is life on Mars right now? 

I think it is much more likely that low forms of life, like microbes, existed early on Mars when it was warm and wet as compared to the very cold, dry planet we know today.

Does Mars have tectonic plates?

Mars never seems to have had plate tectonics. Earth seems to be the odd planet in that it has tectonic plates and sheds a lot of its internal heat through plate tectonics, whereas our other planets do not seem to follow this path. They seem to be mainly one plate planets.

The End Notes

That's all in this post. If you've any Questions or Information related to Mars, comment below. 


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