Weirdest Websites on the Internet

The Internet is too big. Bigger than my imagination. And the weirdness of the Internet is also really big. There are a lot of websites that are in existence to just look weird. We can't talk about every single website in this article but I promise I will discuss them on a regular basis. On that note, you can follow us by Email. Let us begin.

  1. Pointer Pointer: It is a website where you can place your mouse pointer anywhere on the screen and the website will generate a real-life image pointing at your mouse pointer. It's really interesting. Visit:
  2. Cat Bounce: As soon as you open this website some bouncing cats appear on the screen. You can drag them, you can do cat raining and that's it. It's odd but it's funny. Visit:
  3. BeesBeesBees: This website is just a flash loop of The Oprah Winfrey Show. I don't like anything about it. And I don't know why people are happy about Bees here. Visit:
  4. Endless Horse: This website just lives up to its name. It's really fun to visit this website. When you open this website you'll see a horse created by numeric patterns and it is endless as you can never find the feet of the horse. Visit:
  5. Paper Toilet: You will see a toilet paper roll as soon as you visit this website. You can just roll it out or roll back in. This is oddly interesting. Visit:
  6. Find The Invisible Cow: This is an interesting online game where you have to find the cow by moving your cursor. When you move your cursor you'll hear a sound and where the sound is loudest, your cow is there. This is really funny. Visit:
  7. Patience is a Virtue: As soon as you open this website nothing happens. Wait for 2 minutes or 2 years or even 2 decades nothing is going to happen. It just shows a loading screen. That's it. Visit:
  8. The Useless Web: This is a weird website finder. It randomly finds weird websites for you. You just click on “PLEASE” and it will load a random website for you. It’s quite fun and interesting! Visit:
  9. This Person Does Not Exist: This is a Weird but a genius website. Whenever you reload it shows a human picture who does not exist in reality. The image is AI-generated and appears on the screen but it looks really promising and real. Visit:
  10. Shake the Worm: This is a really funny but weird website. If you want to shake something, shake the worm. You'll see a worm on your screen and you can easily shake it with the help of pointer. A glitchy interesting music also plays in the background. Visit:

The End Notes

That's all in this post. If you have any questions or suggestions, do comment below. And follow TheNotes by Email. Have a good one.


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