What if Sun never sets?

I don't know how there will be no night or Sun will never set. Because even with two suns, it is impossible because Earth rotates around the sun and not vice-versa. 

But I was curious about the effects of this situation. So, let's light up the curiosity and go deeper.

What would happen if Sun never sets?

I am going to answer point-wise. 

  • It is going to be hot as hell all the time.
  • The rate of evaporation will increase, and there will not be too much time for condensation, which will raise the moisture and humidity level in the atmosphere.
  • A more dense atmosphere means more drag to any object that is flying, which in turn means more fuel consumption for airlines, meaning more costly air travel and more pollution through air-ways.
  • A denser atmosphere means less range for bullets, hence more gun powder is required for the same range of bullets.
  • The moisture-rich atmosphere will ensure more rains on earth. But rains will still be confined to the areas nearer to large water bodies. Because the air will be too heavy to carry so much water vapor to longer distances.
  • The land temperature will rise, destroying crops. But then if we have had 2 suns for a long time, we will have crops that have evolved to that temperature, meaning we may have totally different kinds of grains.
  • Higher temperatures can cause polar ice to melt, but again, the cap of ice will depend on the position of the suns. If both the suns are at 180 degrees apart, we may have a more or less same cap of polar ice (I am not an expert here, but I am speculating). The only reduction in the polar ice cap will be due to a rise in temperature because of two suns.
  • Nocturnal habitat will not exist, and owls can never see.
  • You will not be needing so much electricity to light up the cities.
  • Solar energy would have become an important source of energy by now.

Another Possibility

I'm not sure if my answer is correct or not, you can leave your comments about it but I am guessing that one side of the earth will be deadly hot and the other side will be deadly cold. People will have to migrate to the sides of the earth where the sun isn’t completely disappeared or always there, which will lead to wars, overpopulation, and starvation. I'm guessing that the people living on the side where the sun is always present will have higher chances to get skin cancer. The sun will always be present which means the earth is not rotating anymore, it will be chaos. No gravity, no atmosphere, the sun will be like a deadly laser on one side and the other side will be freezing. I don't think people will survive.

The End Notes

That's all in this post. I hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions please do comment below and correct me. If you find it interesting, please share it with your friends. Have a good one.


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