What is Deja Vu?

Deja vu comes from the French meaning previously seen. It is when you have an uncanny sensation that what you are currently experiencing is something which you have experienced in the past. Because you have no recollection of the experience that the present one resembles, many people interpret it as a memory from a past life.

So, that's an easy definition of Deja Vu. Now let us know why Deja Vu happens. Let's go deeper. 

What causes Deja Vu?

Deja Vu happens without any warning and often in people without underlying health concerns. Although Deja Vu tends to end as soon as it begins. The moment is so quick that if you don't know about Deja Vu you couldn't guess what just happened.

Let's see some of the widely accepted theories behind the occurrence of Deja Vu.

  1. Split Perception: The theory of split perception suggests déjà vu happens when you see something two different times. The first time you see something, you might take it in out of the corner of your eye or while distracted. Your brain can begin forming a memory of what you see even with the limited amount of information you get from a brief, incomplete glance. So, you might take in more than you realize.
  2. Brain Circuit Malfunctions: When your brain “glitches,” so to speak, and experiences a brief electrical malfunction — similar to what happens during an epileptic seizure. In other words, it can happen as a sort of mix-up when the part of your brain that tracks present events and the part of your brain that recalls memories are both active.
  3. Memory Recall: Déjà vu can happen in response to an event that resembles something you’ve experienced but doesn’t remember. Maybe it happened in childhood, or you can’t recall it for some other reason.

The Most Surprising Theory behind Deja Vu: Parallel Universe Theory

I am not in support of this theory. But I found it interesting, so I am just sharing it with you.

the only theory which is not backed up with any scientific proof or explanations but this particular theory amazes me the most.

Basically in Quantum Physics, it's said that there is no past or present or future everything is running parallel.

The idea that we live among millions of parallel universes containing millions of versions of ourselves carrying out our own lives with a diversity of different possibilities has always been a somewhat exciting thought. Déjà vu could contribute to this theory!

Believers in this theory claim that the human experience of Deja vu can be explained by considering the unsettling feeling of having lived a moment before as a “crossover” with a parallel universe. This would mean that whatever you’re doing while experiencing the Deja vu, a parallel version of you is doing it in a different universe simultaneously, therefore creating an Alignment between two Universe.

Although intriguing, this theory is not backed with much scientific evidence, which makes it difficult to accept. However, the multiverse theory, which states that millions of universes form randomly side by side with only an exceptional few forming with the accessories to support life like ours, could help to assist this hypothesis.

The End Notes

Scientists have come to some very concrete outcomes regarding déjà vu. First, they have made it clear that Deja Vu is the resultant of present and memories. Any person who has strong senses and a clear mind can differentiate between past and present happenings efficiently and might not feel Deja Vu ever in life. Second, it was made clear that déjà vu is an acute disturbance of the brain’s memory system. When amygdale was stimulated by electrical stimulation.

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