What is Flat Earth Theory?

Is this a debate? No.
This is a weird theory. Everyone knows that Earth is Flat. But yes there are people who still believe that the earth is flat. I got curious as to why people believe this theory even now.

Here’re the findings:

  1. The horizon dose not have a curve to it: The theory states that if the surface of the earth was round, ideally there had to be a curve clearly seen in the horizon. Its straight, always.
  2. Gravity is a myth: The people who believe the earth is flat, will naturally also believe that gravity can’t be real. Their reasoning? Well, if gravity can keep us from flying, then how do the birds fly? Does gravity not effect their being?
  3. Earth is the Centre of the Universe: To justify the above facts, this is a vital point to their theory. If the earth moved around, we would all be flung across space and travel endless distances (Dead of-course). Also, the sun is way closer than it appears to be.

Their are several other theories and conclusions for Flat Earth Theory. Its a direct attack on NASA saying that NASA is planning a conspiracy against Humanity. So, the following part of article is from a big fan and believer of Flat Earth Theory. Don't continue if you think this theory is nothing. Only continue if you want to know their perspective.

He shared a few facts which he collected while researching on this theory-

  1. While looking into the sky you will see the same stars in the same positions they have been for thousands of years. Which proves that we live on a stationary plane and not a Globe.
  2. While you look across a distance let's say 20 miles across a body of water or a desert plane and you will not see any curvature which according to spherical geometry the curvature should be starting at 8″ per mile squared. You don't see any curvature .
  3. While going up on a mountain or even look out a plane’s window from any height the horizon line will be level with your eye sight which shouldn't be possible on a ball earth.

He also provided some circumstantial evidence such as-

  1. NASA or anyone has never provided a real photograph of a ball earth. Everything that you see photoshopped or CGI.
  2. Look at all flight plans in the So. hemispheres. There flight plans don't make any sense on a globe.
  3. Explorer Captain Cook tried to sail around Antarctica for over 60,000 miles and never found and open. In essence he was going around the outer ice wall.
  4. For the Earth to be a sphere it must without a doubt be rotating. The fact is we do not hear feel or see any movement. Some say well we can't trust our senses but the fact is there also has not been one scientific experiment done that has detected the Earth is rotating.

These are 2 simple facts that truly disprove the heliocentric model. With that said there might be many phenomenon's in this world that we need to study and figure out how they work. Flat Earthers don't have huge budgets like NASA or other institutions have so it will take a lot of time to figure out how many things work on Earth but there are people working on these things. Just because there hasn't been enough time studying many of the phenomenon's that are present on Earth doesn't mean we don't live on a flat plane. All it means is that we have a lot of work to do.

The End Notes

The perspective of Flat Earthers is also definable. But I am ready with some Flat Questions for Flat Earthers. And also I have answers to their relevant questions against NASA or any other event which supports Flat Earth Theory. Join this discussion Flat Earthers. I want you all to know these things.
And I wanted to tell you that I am going to end this debate forever, if it exists.
Do comment your views, scroll down and join this site to start discussing theories.

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