When will Coronavirus End?

Are we approaching a saturation point in terms of Coronavirus infections in some of the countries where the pandemic is going worst?

 Eventually, will the virus run out of the people to infect?

There are many unknowns linked with Coronavirus and I have studied a few things, and I am going to describe some ways that how this Global Pandemic is going to end.

When I am writing this post, this virus has infected more than 22,812,491 people across 206 countries with 795,132 deaths. The best way for stopping the spread of the virus is self-isolation. Seeing this, many governments have imposed lockdowns in countries. But, Is this the end of the virus? No.

How will this pandemic end?

Guido Vanham said that it will probably never end until and unless we eradicate it. And the best way to eradicate this virus would be an effective vaccine that is to be delivered to every human being. We have done that with smallpox before, and it has taken several years. 

Here's something special for you guys. We know that this virus comes from a family that we know, the coronaviruses. So, will it behave like them? Do comment below guys.

If it behaves like them then, it may reappear seasonally - more in the winter, spring, and autumn and less in the early summer.

What do Data and History say?

The countries that are most affected due to this pandemic like Italy and Spain and now America is gradually becoming the center of this Virus, there will be a saturation.

According to a report published in the World Economic Forum, around 40% of the Spanish and 26% of the Italian population have been infected already. If it goes around 50% then the virus just has fewer people to infect - and so the epidemic will come down naturally. We have seen it during previous epidemics.

The Horrifying Facts about COVID-19

We do know that people are recovering from COVID-19 in most of the cases. This all happening because our body produces antibodies. But, do we know how protective these antibodies are? No.

How long will that protection last for - is it a matter of months or years? Well, the end of this pandemic depends upon the protective immunity that a human body generated after getting hit by the wave of COVID-19. 

It's logical that when you have cancer or diabetes, you are more susceptible to infections. But what is remarkable - what we do not understand - is that people with simple hypertension are also very vulnerable to developing this disease.

Age also is a definable criterion while getting infected.

The End Notes

You may get somewhat upset reading this whole article. While some of you may be thinking its not a matter of fact. But, that's what we have to know. The questions about this virus are enough and what we want is the data. More data and more data. To understand how this virus is infecting, who are most probable to get infected, and so on.

Please give your views in the comment section. I will surely look upon them and get back to you. Maybe, some of your points help me find the next article on The Notes.

That's all for today. And prayers for the #coronafighters

Have a good one. Cheers!

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