Why are the iPhones so expensive?

Apple product acts as a status symbol to most of the people of higher society. Well, that's not only the reason why are they made expensive. In this article, I am going to tell a few points which describe why is iPhone so expensive? Let's go deeper.

Research & Development: The prime reason being that they spent lavishly each year on research, designing, and technological advancement in their devices & to provide top-notch features, which has not been carried out by other brands. However, other brands just make a replica of their design which has not never been introduced other than APPLE before in the market.
Optimization: This is the second most considerable factor that Apple has design their product in such a manner that, their hardware compatibility accommodate the iOS software installed unlike in other you will note lag and crash occur once you update the device, either it will make it slow down the devices.
Application:  The application which is available on APP STORE, has initial upload 4-5 barrier of application approval, while android has only 1-2 and even cheap, whilst iOS barrier break charges are of 5000. At this stage, scrutinizing is done thoroughly to ensure the smooth running of the app & this amount is again added to your account, so, this is a kind of in-app purchase for which they charge you initially at the payment.
Components: The internal components are class-leading, durable, and robust which makes an iPhone cost a customer an arm and leg.
Marketing: Apple usually spent in millions when it comes to marketing as if you notice in developed countries like USA apple will establish its store in a premium location, where even free workshops also conducted.
Software & iCloud Storage: The cost of installation of an IOS is far higher as compared to Android and others. Also, iCloud usage charges are included in the final cost price.
Premium Lifestyle Brand: It has considered a premium lifestyle, upmarket, and classy brand among others.
Replace: Last but not least it has replaced the need for Camera, video recorder & music player.

The End Notes

Apple products are costly, I know. But they do worth their cost. The feeling of having an iPhone, I have listened it from most of my friends, and its not only in words. It is visible in their eyes too.
That's all in this article. Be sure to leave your views.

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