Why Data Science is becoming so Popular?

The use of data analytics in marketing is something that businesses can no longer bear to ignore. Big data is sometimes complicated and difficult to understand, but the companies that implement systems and procedures to collect, analyze, and use data, will experience quantifiable benefits in numerous areas of their operation.

Data Science is not only helping Businesses

The development of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies were possible only because of Data Science. The modus operandi of IoT, AI, and Machine Learning is enlightened in Data Science. The system is fed data collected from several sources in order to operate based on the data provided.

Why Data Science is becoming so Popular?

Ten years back, the amount of data shared by people was less. But nowadays, due to the excessive use of social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. data is transferred every second. Every second, Google processes around 3 million searches, over 45 thousand photos are posted Instagram and over 15 million texts are sent across the world. This has made Big Data so huge and thus Data Science so popular.

Importance of Data Science

The crucial factor behind the popularity of something is its Importance. Here are a few points which describe why data science is so important: 

  • Data Science helps industries for better marketing & customer acquisition.
  • It helps business industries in solving various problems & assist in prompt decision- making.
  • One of the major purposes of Data Science is to derive hidden patterns & trends from the data.
  • Businesses also use data science for innovation & enriching customers' lives.

Applications of Data Science

Data Science is also so important because of having applications in various fields:


Finance industries use data science for automating various financial tasks in order to carry out strategic decisions of the company. It has also enabled financial institutions in creating a personalized experience with their customers.


Data Science has been broadly used in the fields of manufacturing for reducing costs, optimizing production & enhancing profits. Now industries can easily optimize their production hours & monitor their energy costs.


Data Science plays a significant role in the healthcare sector. By using its various tools & techniques the doctors are able to detect cancers & tumors at an early stage. Figuring out the treatment of a patient has become a lot easier.


Data Science has transformed the E-commerce industries in a variety of ways. It helps in identifying a potential customer base, optimizing price structure & predicting trends.

Data Science has been proved successful in creating a vast impact on various business industries. It has transformed the working of innumerable sectors & still on its way to explore the remaining untapped areas.

The End Notes

Data Science is so important unless and until you live in Amazon Jungles with local tribes. That's all in this article. I hope you liked it. If you liked it please share with your friends. Have a good one. Cheers!

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