Why IoT is Dangerous?

Last night I was on my bed going for sleeping. Suddenly, I started thinking about the current pandemic situation. The whole world is in Lockdown. Earth is under its maintenance. Humans who thought they were so powerful are feared going out of their homes. 

Then suddenly my thought process deviated towards the Internet, which is the most used thing in this lockdown situation. According to the Indian Government, there is around 40% of the increase in the usage of the Internet in these lockdowns. This is an interesting fact. Well, few of the reasons may be Work from home and Learn from Home, but actually, people are using it for entertaining themselves when going through this situation. In the future, everything around us is going to be based on the Internet. The future is of the Internet of Things(IoT) and that's what I am feared of.

If you don't understand what IoT is, here is a short explanation.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things, which is a system of interrelated computing devices and digital machines that can exchange data through a network. This data is helping those objects to work effectively.

The Fear of IoT

We are dependent on the Internet and you can realize the necessity of the Internet these days. Think about the future when everything will be Internet-based. Your home, the equipment of your rooms, your light bulbs, your Air Conditioner, your wristwatch even your vehicles everything is going to be digitalized and sharing data. And all of these things are going to be administrated using a single account.

What if someone sitting around a small room of a hotel in a country anywhere in the globe with bad intentions bypasses your account and start threatening you. He will get control of everything around you. 

What if you can't respond to him? You will become helpless and just watch him playing with your data and privacy. He'll get control over your Bank Accounts, your Property, just everything.

The Security

With the exponential increase in technology growth, where data is going to be a valuable commodity, security will also be improved. We are talking about the quantum era, an era where data and speed of its transmission will increase. Security has always been the biggest concern in this Quantum Era. This is leading to the growth of Quantum Encryption.

Well, the fear of Data Security for me is still there. And I think its good that I have fear and concern for the privacy and safety of my Data.

The End Notes

Data is currency. The big tech giants drive money and power with our Data. That's not a personal threat for us but that could be. Even big companies like Facebook have been irresponsible for Data Security purposes. IoT is always a fantasy for me, and in this fastest-growing world, I have now been started using it to a limited extent in my life. 

Concern and fear will be always. We have to grow and be ready for what is to come next?

Because Life means to discover. And I want to Discover Big.


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