Why Mars has Blue Sunset?

Inside the vast Universe, in a galaxy among several stars there exists a very special place with life. It's our Earth. Earth is also known as the blue planet, but there is also a red planet where life could be possible. Mars is a scary desert while Earth is full of water, greenery, and life. There is another surprising difference. The sky on Mars is red while sunsets are blue.

Why Sunset on Mars is Blue?

The reason is very similar to the reason why the sky on Earth is blue and sunsets are red. Sunlight comprises of various wavelengths, which scatters while traveling through atmospheric molecules and dust particles. This scattering defines the color that we see in the sky and during sunsets.

Mars has a very thin and light atmosphere, about 1 percent of Earth's. It is made up of Carbon dioxide and has a lot of dust. The fine dust present in the Martian atmosphere tends to scatter light so that red color splash everywhere while blue color passes gently. And thus the sky looks reddish on Mars. At sunset light has a long way to travel thus the red color scatter very much while the blue passes gently. Due to fire flares and amplification be ash of volcanoes we see the red color on Earth's Sunset whereas on Mars we get a cool blue hue.

The End Notes

Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity robotic rovers we've sent to Mars have witnessed and recorded the curious phenomenon. Earth and Mars are the only two places in the Solar System that have sunsets that we can observe. That's all in this post. Please leave your views on the comment section. Scroll below and do comment here.


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