Why we need Vaccines?

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. The process of giving vaccine to an individual is known as vaccination. Vaccination provide immunity to an individual for long-term and sometimes lifelong protection against a disease.

Benefits of Vaccination

You may also have taken vaccines in your childhood. Those vaccines protect children from measles, chicken pox, pneumococcal disease, and other illnesses. As you grow older, additional vaccines protect us from diseases that affect adolescents and adults.
When any traveler visits any parts of South America and Africa, they have to receive yellow fever vaccine, as that disease is still prevalent there.

Their is another benefit of vaccination. Vaccination helps in increasing community immunity rates. Community immunity is referred to as immunity offered by one person of a community to everyone. That means if I am vaccinated, I will not catch or transfer the disease to anyone in my community.

The End Notes

Vaccination does more than just protecting an individual, they help in the protection of entire community. Sufficient vaccination rates should be available, else it will be tough to protect the community by the spread of diseases. Well, that's all in this post.
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