5 Myths About Smartphones Broken in Lockdown

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives nowadays. And there are a lot of myths related to smartphones which are all our minds grown and they did not exist for real. I am going to tell you 5 of such myths related to smartphones with the exact reason behind them. Let us go deeper.

The quality of the photo will be high if the camera is of high Megapixel.

So, a lot of people thought that the quality of the photo depends upon the camera megapixels. Well, it's true but not fully true. There are a lot of factors on which the quality of the photo depends. One of the most affecting factors is the quality of pixels. For example, take two cameras one of 12 megapixels and the other of 16 megapixels, if the quality of pixels of 12 megapixels camera is good, then the photo taken by it will be much better than the 16 megapixels. And that's what happens in the case of DSLR or an iPhone.

Big Screens will be beneficial for Gaming.

Well, that's truly false. The screen size is not considered while gaming is the subject. There are a lot more factors which we must take care of. 

Screen resolution and refresh rate are two of those most affecting features which affect the gaming experience more than the bigger screen size.

Overcharging can damage your phone.

For normal people, this sentence does make sense but for a techy/geeky person, nothing like this exists.

Smartphones are called smart because they assist us in smartly when we use them. And smartphones these days are enough smart that they automatically know that when the phone is fully charged they automatically stop charging it so that the battery remains stable and unaffected.

4G uses more data than 3G.

It is a myth that a lot of people believe that 4G uses more data than 3G. But it's not true. Data usage is the transfer of data over a network. Take an example. If we download a file of 2 MB it will take the same amount of data both on 4G and 3G. A file may get download faster in a 4G network but in both cases data usage is equal.

Closing Background Apps will save battery and enhance processing.

I vote against this myth. Both Apple and Android chiefs have had publically announced that iOS and Android automatically turn off background applications when it's necessary. And if we manually force close any applications than it can affect System Software and memory badly.

The End Notes

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