Wormholes and Black Holes : The Difference

Black Hole and Wormhole are two terms that are in the high concentration of studies by researchers and space scientists. There are a lot of mysteries revolving around black holes and stuck inside Worm Holes. In the following article, we are going to briefly describe Black Holes and Worm Holes and thus differentiating both of them.

Difference between black holes and wormholes

Black Hole

A black hole is a point in space with infinite gravity density. This is called a singularity. And the gravity around it is so strong that not even the light can escape. And they occur naturally in nature.

Worm Hole

A wormhole is a way of traveling from one place to another faster than the speed of light. A wormhole is something like a hole punched in the fabric of space-time connecting two points in space. These points could be millions of light-years away from each other but through a wormhole, you can reach there in seconds. And they are not naturally occurring.

The Difference between Blackholes and Wormholes

Some theories say that a black hole could be an opening to a wormhole leading somewhere else. But these are just theories and have no scientific or experimental pieces of evidence. 

Here are a few differences between Black holes and wormholes:

Black Hole

  1. Very large in size and density.
  2. Gravitational pull is so large that it may even attract the sun.
  3. Anything goes inside never comes back.
  4. Time travel can be possible by orbiting around the black hole where the pull is affordable by the shuttle.
  5. It is a slow process to travel in the future means if we travel for 5 years around a black hole then we travel just double of it i.e 10 years.
  6. When the star died it changes into a black hole.
  7. We can’t see a black hole with our naked eyes.

Worm Hole

  1. Small in size and density.
  2. Gravitational pull is not so much strong.
  3. Something goes inside can be come back.
  4. We can travel in the future by entering the inside.
  5. It is the path in which on opposite opening there is another new life possible.
  6. It may be small as an atom and large as a black hole.
  7. We can see a wormhole with our naked eyes.

The End Notes

They are far different from each other wormhole is like a tunnel joining places in space where a black hole is a region where there is so much gravity that light cannot skip it so they are extremely different from each other. That's all in this article. I hope you liked it. Please share it to support TheNotes. Have a good one.


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