Do We Need Animals To Make Meat?

Do we need animals to make meat? What if we could grow cells outside the body of an animal to create the food? Would we still farm them or would we embrace the alternative?

This is a new era of "clean meat" science, which is also known as "cell-based", lab-grown or "cultured" meat. Environment friendly, free from antibiotics and not genetically modified, this may be the food of the future. It is a way to grow cells into meat instead of feed, breed, and kill the animals in the traditional sense. This is not to be confused with plant-based meats that source plant products in an attempt to reconstruct meat or genetically modified foods that have had their DNA modified.

Many believe there is a need to rethink our food system, whether it be in the way we farm, the substitutes we use, or something else. By 2050, the global population will rise past 9 billion. Annual meat production is projected to rise to 470 million tonnes, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Fish accounted for around 17 percent of the world's intake of animal protein in 2013.

Some companies are working on making meat or seafood without animals, like Shiok Meats (shrimp) and Avant Meats (fish maw, or the swim bladders of large fish). There are alot of benefits to be had as well as potential pitfalls to making it happen.

The clean meat is tastes like meat. This meat is not vegetarian plant-based and other meat substitute products. This is actual meat grown from animal cells in laboratory and described as cultured, synthetic, in-vitro, lab grown or clean meat. This meat is grown in a bioreactor, using protein to encourage the cells to multiply. Cells from an animal are taken and grown outside of the body in a petri dish to produce 'clean meat'. These cells are fooled into believing they are still in the body and are made to grow.

The reason behind cell-based seafood is to make the cleanest fish on the planet. Here Cleanest means no mercury, no sea lice, no microplastics, no antibiotics.

Is it Vegan?

Clean meat is still meat, so it is not vegan in that sense of the word. However, for vegans who avoid meat for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, clean meat could be considered a "vegan option" because there is no animal involved in the production.

Before we've only had animal or non-animal and now we have animal but not made from an animal.

Some call it "clean meat", some call it "Franken food". Call it whatever you want, but it is a meat - chemically and nutritionally - however no animal is slaughtered in its production.

The End Notes

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