How Firecrackers were invented?

Like many early gunpowder devices, the Firecracker was invented in medieval China. The predecessor of the firecracker was a type of heated bamboo, used as early as 200 BC, that exploded when heated continuously. The Chinese name for firecrackers, bao zhu, literally means "exploding bamboo".

The Definition

A small explosive charge and a fuse in a heavy paper casing exploded to make noise, as at celebrations. 

How Firecrackers were invented?

According to a famous story, a Chinese cook who unintentionally dropped saltpeter into a cooking fire, producing an interesting glow. Saltpeter, a component in gunpowder, was used as a flavoring salt sometimes. The other gunpowder ingredients, charcoal, and sulfur, also were common in early fires. Though the mix burned with an ample flame in a fire, it backfired if it was enclosed in a bamboo tube.

The History

China is given credit for the initial development of black powder. Later, Europeans found ways to harness black powder as a means of launching projectiles, leading to the development of cannons and mortars. As chemistry evolved and compounds such as chlorates and perchlorates discovered it became possible to create colored flames where previously the palette had been limited to red, orange, and white sparks.

How Firecrackers were invented?

The Impact

Fireworks are used for celebrations. Diwali which is the festival of lights is also celebrated using fireworks a lot. The smoke from fireworks consists mainly of fine toxic dust (PM2.5) that can easily enter the lungs. This represents a real threat for people with asthma or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Smoke from fireworks combustion may contain a mixture of sulfur-coal compounds, traces of heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals or gases. The combustion cloud can contain harmful fumes such as ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitric oxide. Smoke from consumer fireworks is of most concern because they are released at a low level which makes inhalation more likely compared to professional displays.

The Solution

I am not saying that we should ban the use of crackers and fireworks on Diwali because it's not the solution. Not at all, but people should themself assess how badly these things are affecting us and the environment. If you're using them, use wisely. Things out of limit go worse always. The more about this in the next article. 

The End Notes

That's all in this. I wish you all a very Happy Diwali. May God bless you all and fulfill your good wishes. Please share your opinion and views in the comment section below. If you want to share the history of crackers with your friends, do it in just a few taps by the buttons given right at the bottom of your mobile screen. If you're viewing on PCs or Laptops, you will find the sharing buttons on the left-hand side of your screens and even below this post. You have to share this. Have a good one.


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