Possibilities and Cost of Space Journey!

If you and I were to only focus on the current static science and technology, we will be locked to Earth (and maybe the Moon) for another century at least. These static, outdated tools have not been stationary for just 30 years as one answer stated but for over a hundred years. Almost every answer is using today’s slow technology to answer your question. Unfortunately, they are all correct. With the current speed of space innovation (which also equates to travel) and the road we are on, you and I would be lucky to ever get to Mars, no matter what the cost, in a century. Could there be a way to get to Mars at an affordable cost in our shorter lifetime? Thankfully yes, but I am not even planning for this adventure!

Nazis had plans to go to Moon, Mars, and Beyond

I can say that because there is a high probability that both science and technology already exists that would allow you and I to go to Mars at an affordable cost. We are not talking about sometime in the future; instead, this would travel option been possible close to a quarter of a century ago. Not in NASA, JPL, etc. but the top-secret military projects. Remember it was the Nazis that got us to the Moon and that was some 47 years ago; do you think everything came to a halt then? Three U.S. space programs were going on then – I worked all three of them; unknowingly of their existence and purposes. Only the open space program (NASA) funding was reduced, they were restricted to probes and orbiting satellites and crafts, the top-secret (with the Nazis) continued into deep space. Is this all conspiracy? Where did the Nazis go after Apollo, Von Braun left NASA, how many others also; where did they end up and doing what? Remember The Germans had plans for the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

A technology to reach the Stars

Americans can all pretend that they are the smartest and greatest, but when the space programs started we were the dummies. The true space innovation came from Germany, known as Project Paperclip, and getting humans into deeper space did not stop with landing on the moon. The Nazis had rockets, but they also had started research beyond rocket technology, they knew rockets would only get them beyond Earth’s gravity, not to the stars. We know this today also, but we are still playing with flimsy apparatuses that cost billions to research and just ‘maybe’ work. The Germans did this also, but that was 70 years ago. A military contractor’s director made a statement some 23 years ago they have a propulsion system that operates similar to how ESP works; this system provides them the means to reach the stars and the capability to ETs back home. Has anybody heard NASA making these kinds of claims? Could this be just another conspiracy?

An affordable space journey to Mars and exoplanets

Are we today, just like we were at the beginning of the first space program, a bunch of dummies again? US President Eisenhower started NASA 58 years ago as an open space program, over a half of a century and we still do not have people (exclude astronauts) in deep space. One primary reason is funding, but another is an experienced talent too, NASA lost both after Apollo. All the ingredients were there at the top-secret military projects to create the technology to reach the stars, not rockets but ESP-like technology. This technology is in front of our eyes today, it just needs to be re-directed into a system that would make space travel affordable to everyone. Only two things are stopping the open space initiative from securing the technology to reach the stars: 

  1. A closed physics being taught in educational institutions making it impossible.
  2. NASA keeping the industry on the wrong track with grants and research projects aligning with only the closed physics. It should be noted, that neither the Nazi scientists nor the top-secret military projects are hindered in either of these embarrassing education and NASA scenarios.

The End Notes

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