Psychological Tips to boost your Living Standard

Here I am posting a few psychological tips and tricks to improve the standard of your living. Let us go deeper.

1. Silence is The Best Tool

Silence is a very effective communication tool especially if you want to reveal the true identity of other people. It makes people feel uncomfortable around you. Their discussion and body language will reveal deep, hidden secrets such as love, hate, jealousy, dishonesty, etc. To develop the art of silence learn the technique of self-dialogue. Imagine you are talking to someone other than yourself inside your mind without getting audible. Other people may think you’re crazy, but you know what you’re doing.

2. How to Detect Dishonesty

You can easily catch a thief or dishonest person through their handwriting. Just collect a sample of their handwriting by asking them for two sets of the same story on different occasions. The story should not exceed 300 words. Pretend that you misplaced the previous story. If the handwriting is sloppy in the first sample, you know that you can’t trust the person. This is useful especially if you’re looking for a trustworthy person to work in your shop.

3. Saying ‘No’ Doesn’t Mean No.

When a girl says ‘no’ the first time it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Girls are extremely careful about relationships and will do their math diligently before getting into a relationship. If she’s honest, she’ll tell you that she has a boyfriend or she’s engaged. Otherwise, she’s just testing you. If you give up and don’t come back, she’ll know that you were not serious. In this case, she’ll not bother with you again unless she took a fancy of you the first time.

4. How To Improve Your Math?

Mental calculations can greatly improve your math abilities. Start cramming simple calculations like multiplying 25 x 25 by the head. Don’t use calculators. Use long multiplication. Then move on to more complicated numbers like ₁25 x ₁25, 625 x 625, etc. You can also use addition. Notice I’m using consistent numbers like 25, 125, etc. This will put the brain to task and expand the capacity to accommodate bigger numbers. This tricks the brain into thinking that you are fond of math. The technique can be applied to any other subject you find difficult to learn.

5. How to Become Popular?

Getting other people to become friendly with you is easy. Just buy a box of cheap sweets or cookies and share them around. Throw one into your mouth while approaching a group of people. That will have the effect of removing any doubt or suspicion. Before long, there will be a scramble for the sweets or cookies. Everybody likes free things. Henceforth, you’ll become the most popular guy or girl in the office or around campus.

6. How to Become A Leader Quickly?

One cool way to become an instant leader of any group of people is to remember their first names. Names are something personal for people. They make people feel special and important. You do this by carrying a notebook. Whenever you meet someone new, after exchanging the usual introductions, memorize their first names and note them down in your notebook immediately. Of course, don’t do it in their presence. When you reach home, take time to cram the names. Next time you meet them, call them by their first names.

7. How to Gain Favor From Unlikely Sources?

Humans are extremely selfish animals, and will take any compliment you throw at them regardless of status. You can take advantage of this subtle human weakness to get anything from people. For example, you can jump the queue simply by throwing a compliment at the person serving food. Look for something to compliment about like their hair, their dress, or something they’re wearing. You can even get a larger share of French fries than everybody else. Naturally, other people will start complaining but you get the picture.

8. A Quicker Way to Relieve Stress

Taking a deep breath is a common way to relieve stress. But did you know that faking a good laugh is the most effective way to relieve stress? Try it. Stress occurs as a result of large quantities of the blood being pumped into your brain. The tiny veins in your brain can’t handle the blood pressure, so they swell. Faking a laugh tricks the brain into thinking you’re happy as more oxygen is pumped into your lungs. The subconscious brain can’t tell the difference between a fake laugh and the real thing. So, naturally, the blood flows back elsewhere relieving the pressure in the brain.

The End Notes

That's all in this post. I hope you liked it. Please share it with your friends. Have a good one. Cheers!

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