The Problems associated with Graphene

Graphene is a form of carbon consisting of planar sheets that are one atom thick, with the atoms arranged in a honeycomb-shaped lattice. In a sentence, we can say that "Graphene is a single isolated layer of Graphite."

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Discovery of Graphene

If we can isolate a single layer of Graphite(lead of Pencil), we will get Graphene. This fact is formulated by:

  • Dr. Konstantin Novoselov
  • Dr. Andrew Geim

They both get Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010.

Characteristics of Graphene

  • Best Conductor of Electricity
  • Good Conductor of Heat
  • Very Thin and Optically Transparent: Light can penetrate through Graphene very easily.
  • It Filters Chemical Elements: Its honeycomb structure only allows electrons and protons to penetrate through it.
  • Flexible and Strong

Uses and Applications of Graphene

1. Batteries: Li-ion, Lead-acid, or Ni-Cd each of these batteries when integrated with graphene, first of all, make them light-weight and reduce the charging time from 48–96 hours to 4 hours.

2. Power: Transfer of electricity with graphene cables can reduce loss from 15–20% to less than 3%.

3. Graphene Paints: Are not only hydrophobic and dust phobic but keep the inner temperature 5–7 degrees Centigrade cooler.

4. Water de-salination: Graphene being the most impermeable material, seawater can be changed to drinking water with graphene membranes. They filter out all salts.

5. Plastic Industry: LDL and HDL granules when mixed with graphene increases the strength of PVC pipes by almost 2–3 times.

6. Composites: Graphene induced floor-cleaning agents reduce bacteria to almost 99.99%

7. Insulation Materials: Graphene-based insulation material for both cars, houses, roofs reduce the room temperature of the house 5–7 degrees Celsius lesser than outdoors.

With such use and applications, graphene seems to hold enormous capabilities, though with the challenge of production cost and a lot of disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Graphene

  • Graphene has a high cost as well as it is a complex process.
  • Toxic chemicals are used at a high temperature to produce graphene. Because of this graphene show signs of some poisonous qualities.
  • The oxidative atmosphere is defenseless against it.
  • Graphene is a good conductor of electricity, graphene doesn’t have a bandgap, as well as its mean graphite, can’t be switched off. Researchers are working on this.
  • The material of graphene is very costly on the planet.
  • It is harder to synthesize the non-renewable resource.
  • It is very difficult to generate three-dimensional materials out of graphene, while notable for its narrowness as well as exclusive properties of electrical.
  • Advantages, as well as disadvantages of a wonder material, are few along with seeing as the search is not complete yet there are many more things have to come out.
  • The probability of defects is very high due to the larger sheet.
  • Its actual strength is lower than the intrinsic strength.
  • Its’ cannot be stretched quarter of its length.
  • In its atomic structure, there is no defect plus fault but still, it is very difficult to generate a large amount of graphene. (Q. Zheng, 2015)
  • Graphene does not act, as a semiconductor because of this scientist does not use graphene in the microprocessor.
  • The size of the graphene sheets produced cannot be controlled.
  • Using graphene solar cells it is very hard to produce sufficient power.
  • If their size is less than 20nm, Graphenes are not stable.
  • The rigidity of the devices is very high bending that is also required to extend as well as squeeze or molded.
  • Graphene is stuck to everything as well as it is messy stuff.
  • Oxygen along with heat together cannot survive from graphene.

The End Notes

I hope you liked it. Graphene is for sure a wonder material but as it is in the advanced stage of its development there are a lot of problems regarding its production and stability. That's all in this article. Be sure to share your views in the comment section below. Have a good one.


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