What if all Water of Earth suddenly gets disappeared?

A good example of an Earth-like planet that lost virtually all its water is Venus. Earth would likely become a lifeless hell as the carbon dioxide locked up in the lithosphere outgassed into a thickening and hotter atmosphere. If the atmosphere was also largely removed by the water removing event then Earth would likely become much colder like Mars. Water is what keeps our biosphere in balance and is essential for geologic and tectonic processes and allows the Earth to extrude and subduct tectonic plates on a global scale. Without water, plate tectonics would cease and heat buildup in the mantle might be released in violent global resurfacing events at intervals of tens of millions of years. 

This may occur on Venus and thus may be responsible for erasing ancient meteoric impact craters that should be there in greater abundance than they are today. 

While biological organisms create oxygen and consume CO2, it is plate tectonics that keeps the atmosphere and hydrosphere stable over the long term. 

It should also be mentioned that the Earth‘s magnetosphere is vital to keeping airborne water vapor from being stripped away by the solar wind. 

What if all water is disappeared from Earth?

What if all water is disappeared from Earth?

  • Every living thing on earth would die, since water is a large component of all known living cells, every plant, animal, fungus, etc would all desiccate completely, and crumble to dust.
  • With all water vapor gone from the atmosphere, the sky might change color, and become a reddish tint due to the high oxygen content. Without water vapor acting as a greenhouse gas, the surface temperature would drop substantially, maybe even to below freezing temperatures, but that would matter as much with nothing left to freeze.
  • The oceans would be laid bare, dwarfing the Grand Canyon so utterly as to make it a joke, but the ocean floor would be extremely bright, covered under several inches to feet of salt that snowed down to the floor when the water disappeared. What was known as the main island of Hawaii is now just the summit of Mauna Kea, the new tallest mountain on earth. 
  • What we once called the continents would look completely different. With all underground aquifers and reservoirs suddenly dry, massive sinkholes would open up all over the world, giving the continents a permanently pockmarked look.

As time went on, the world would take on a reddish tint, like Mars, as a thin layer of oxidized dust settled over everything, constantly distributed and deposited by the wind. There would still be wind, as the atmosphere would be heated by sunlight, but no weather anymore. Just the occasional bolt of lightning or sheet lightning, when the atmosphere builds enough charge.

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  1. Thinking about the end of the world and human extinction by these kinds of apocalypse is quite fun.


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