What If Earth Were Twice As Big?

Our Earth is full of wonders, surprising events and natural disasters that change the face of Earth every day. 
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Have you ever imagine what would happen if suddenly the size of earth doubled. When doubling the size of our planet, we’ll assume its density remains constant. What would have happened? Will we survive after all that? What will happen?
Let’s first discuss what is that which makes Earth livable.

Favourable Conditions of Earth

(Credit: Chester Harman/NASA)

Our Earth lies in a region which is called "Goldilocks Zone". Goldilocks Zone is a region of space in which a planet is just at the right distance from its home star, for us it is Sun. So that the planet's surface is neither too hot nor too cold. Our lifeline is water and we lie in a region where it is neither evaporates nor freezes.
So now let's discuss what would happen if the size of the Earth doubled.

Earth's Condition after the Change

1. Gravity and Weight

If the Earth twice its original size, it will have eight times as much mass and gravity will be twice as strong. Our scale will read double of what we expected, so our weight is determined by how much gravity is pulling on us. This would make our weight twice as much as it was before.
We will experience a sudden decrease in stamina, our heart would have to work twice as hard just to circulate blood to our body. Our life expectancy would certainly decline because of extra gravitational force.

2. Walking

We would get tired faster and need more time to rest. It would more difficult for us to walk here and there. As the gravity will twice, we will need more force to walk. Our bones and muscles would become stronger to support our increased weight, but our bodies would shrink under increased pressure.

3. Adaptation and Evolution

Our spines would become more compressed by being constantly pulled down, causing all kinds of species to become shorter. Evolution would accelerate and natural selection would take place. Animals would also become shorter. Small animals would be affected less since energy requirements for them to move around will increase insignificantly. Falls will have much more serious consequences, so climbing animals will have to develop a firmer grip.

4. Trees will collapse

There is a limit to how tall a tree can grow and it is regulated by gravity. A tree will keep growing as long as the amount of energy needed to transport water to the top will be less than the amount of energy it obtains from photosynthesis. Increased gravity would disrupt the balance since it would require much more energy to move water up the tree trunk. Tall trees would collapse and new trees would not grow as tall.

5. Volcanoes will erupt

 The amount of radioactive elements inside Earth will elevate with a bigger mass, leading to excessive heating and increased volcanic activity. Volcanoes all over the world would erupt, pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Volcanic activity will change Earth's shape and create new land. Climate change might also takes place because gases from eruptions affect the atmosphere. This leads Earth to the extinction.

6. Air pressure

If Earthy atmospheric mass doubles in size too, then air pressure is doubled. We will struggle to breathe in the thick atmosphere and it would weaken our body. The thicker air actually makes flying easier for birds, although most need to land on water to cushion the impact caused by the stronger gravity.

7. Day length

A day lasts over a month because angular momentum is proportional to mass x radius squared. Earth's spin slows down , the Earth now rotates 32 times slower. This creates great temperature imbalances between the light and dark side of the Earth. There will be longer days and nights such that the days will be much hotter and nights much colder.

8. Earth's spin slows down

If the size of the Earth gets doubled, the Earth's spin will slow down. If the Earth's spin slows down, Earth cannot produce its magnetic field. So there will be no protection from the harmful solar winds which creates destruction of lives on Earth.

The End Notes

This is all what would happen if Earth's size gets doubled. That's all in this article. I hope you liked it. Please share your views in comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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