30 Amazing Facts about the Amazing Universe

Universe is big, too big. And the list of amazing facts about the Universe is also too big. Today I am sharing 30 of the very amazing facts from that big list and we will continue this series in the future also. To get updated with our latest articles, subscribe TheNotes with Email for free.

30 Amazing Facts about the Amazing Universe

  1. Time concept is within the Universe. Time doesn't exist, the clock does. Time is just an illusion. If you think the time is constant throughout the Universe then you're probably wrong. It varies according to gravity and speed.
  2. The universe wasn't forever. It originated from a singularity.
  3. According to the No Boundary Theorem, no one has created the universe and no one directs our fate. Why? Since everything needs time to be exited in, but time is within the Universe. Where and when would the creator live in?
  4. The biggest black hole in the observable universe is TON 618.
  5. The biggest star in the observable universe is UY SCUTY.
  6. Black holes are not holes, they are collapsed and dead stars that leave a residue in the form of black holes whose gravity and mass is much more than the star itself and infinite density.
  7. Spacetime tells matter how to move, matter tells spacetime how to curve.
  8. There are more stars in a galaxy than the grains of sand on earth but there are more atoms in a grain of sand than the number of stars in a galaxy.
  9. The sun has enough heat to enlighten the atmosphere for about 4 billion years from today.
  10. If you leave earth at the age of 15 at the speed of light and return after 5 years, you'll find all your friends are 65 y/o now. This is due to time dilation. Remember point 1? Time is an illusion.
  11. In a way, we represent energy. And also energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. The energy we have within us is as old as the universe is i.e. 13.4 billion years old. Sounds like holy shit!
  12. Whenever you look up in the sky, you see into the past in an encrypted way.
  13. As the universe keeps expanding, at the beginning of the universe, it is said to have a size smaller than a proton.
  14. If the universe was forever, there would have been no life. Because all the stars in the universe are continuously heating the universe. In this way, even the sun would do the same work and the planets like earth would have no life due to extreme heat.
  15. The light of the sun you observe is the light sun radiated 8.20 minutes ago.
  16. If there is an intelligent life other than us then they must be very very far away from us otherwise they would have visited us by now.
  17. 17. The most dangerous thing we can find on any other planet would be humans.
  18. There is no sound in space. Space is unbelievably silent. Sound has no medium to travel in space. Space travelers use technology to communicate in space.
  19. 700 million light-years away from Earth, there is böotes void, one of the largest known voids of the observable universe with a diameter of 300 million light-years and has approximately 50–60 galaxies only!
  20. A year on Venus is 224 Earth days i.e. time of revolution and a day on Venus i.e. time of rotation is 243 Earth days. A year on Venus is longer than its day.
  21. Don't cry in space, your years won't fall.
  22. Imagine if alien females go through the menstrual cycle, where would their blood flow in zero gravity?
  23. When you look at the person in front of you, you look at 0.0003 nanoseconds in the past.
  24. If the Andromeda galaxy was visible to us with naked eyes, it'd seem to be 6 times bigger than the moon.
  25. A spacesuit costs US$ 12 million.
  26. The observable universe, 93 billion light-years, is just made of 103 folds of paper. Seems unbelievable because it is impossible to fold a paper more than 8 times but this is proven by scientists. If you had a paper large enough that you can fold it as many times you want then the entire observable universe would fit in 103 folds!
  27. Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar. The 13.7 billion year lifetime of the universe mapped onto a single year. At this scale the Big Bang takes place on January 1 at midnight, the current time is December 31 at midnight, with Beyoncé in it. Each second is 434 years.
  28. If you look outside from a black hole, you could look at the entire universe just as the size of your T.V.

The End Notes

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