Trending Technologies in New Year 2020!

2020 was not a good year for anyone except the Tech-based organizations. And the new coming year is not going to be different from that. Everyone is aware of the importance of Technology. Technology is going to be the middleware for every single task in the coming years. Many new technologies will come as well as many existing technologies will get improved. Today, I am going to share with you a list of Technologies that are going to be introduced and improvised in The New Year 2021. So, a very Happy New Year and let us go deeper.

Trending Technologies in New Year 2020

5G and satellite Internet access could arrive in India

This is the best point to start this article. With fast Internet, it will be easier for people to use cloud services. Many parts of the world already have functioning 5G networks, but there's very little concrete news of any Indian mobile service provider rolling out this new standard. Another exciting news is that the Starlink satellite constellation keeps growing, and service to India might be possible by late 2021. Well, the latter could get delayed due to regulatory hurdles.

Powerful Processors

The semiconductor manufacturers are well on their way to transitioning to 5nm production. Apple is already started shipping its latest 5nm A15 Bionic to the latest iPhones and iPads and M1 in its Mac. You can't even imagine how fast they will be. But that will be normal later in the next new year. 

Data Privacy and Security

As the Internet grew vastly in the past few years people are also getting aware of their digital identity and the use of their personal information by Internet-based Service Providers. In 2021, the ways that advertisers and large corporations collect and use our data will matter more than ever.

Machine Learning and AI

We have heard a lot about AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and all other stuff. But till today these deep concepts are getting used just as marketing lines by digital product manufacturers. Now, we saw their practical applications as photo enhancement, real-time filters, noise reduction, face recognition, live translation, voice assistants, and more. And in the coming year 2021, we will see the basic implementation of AI in every small software application.

Technologies to be Enhanced in 2021

We all know that enhancement and upgrades are necessary, and the coming year 2021 will be highly focused on the Research and Development work of these given technologies:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Machine Learning (Part of AI)
  4. IoT (Internet of Things)
  5. 5G
  6. AR VR

I have written several articles about these technologies in TheNotes. Just click on the names above and read those interesting articles.

The End Notes

So, that's all in this article. I know that this is not enough but I have highlighted the major upcoming technologies. And I will keep updating you will all the interesting Science, Tech, and Space stuff. To get updated, follow TheNotes by Email. Have a good one.


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