Why Do We Feel Warm When We Use Blanket?

In the days of winters, we all use blankets to keep ourselves warm. But do you know that why we feel warm when we use blankets? So, in these days of winters, I thought to write about it.

Well, it's probably not a blanket which emits heat to keep us warm, it is our body that emits heat.

Our body produces heat continuosly in the environment. In winters, the air of our environment is very cold. Cold air tries to carry body heat away. So, blanket act as a barrier between the body and cold air. Heat doesn't transfer through the blankets as air will not flow through the blankets.

So the warmth we feel is produces by ourselves, not by the blanket, but the blanket slows down the rate of heat loss. The air get trapped in the blanket itself. 

The thicker the blanket, the more air get trapped, and the warmer we feel.

Sometimes blankets absorbs the heat which is emitted from our body and gets reflected back towards us.

So the blanket doesn't create any heat but it traps the heat that our body is creating inside.

The End Notes

That's all in this article. I hope you liked it and hope that now you know why we feel warm in blankets. Share in your circle because sharing is caring.

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