Why Venus is the most Scariest Planet of our Solar System?

What the hell is wrong with that beautiful morning star? Here's why Venus is considered the most terrific planet in the entire solar system.

The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus. That's why it is named after the goddess of love and beauty. Even though mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, Venus has the highest surface temperature of all planets in the solar system.

The temperature of Venus: 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F)

The reason is a thick atmosphere. It retains all heat inside and heats the surface. This temperature alone can roast your body within seconds.

The atmospheric pressure of Venus is very high. It is about 92 times that of Earth which is equal to 900 meters underwater in Earth. That pressure can crush your body in a fraction of a second. And the next important thing about the atmosphere is, it consists of 96% Carbon dioxide, which is highly toxic if inhaled.

Amazing Facts about Venus

Here are some very interesting and amazing facts about Venus:

  1. There are more volcanoes on Venus than on any other planet in the solar system.
  2.  A day on Venus lasts 243 Earth days.
  3. Venus is the closest to a twin of Earth. The two bodies are nearly equal in size, and Venus' composition is almost the same as Earth's.
  4. To get an idea of how hot Venus is, turn your oven to broil and then stick your head in, and even that isn't hot enough.
  5. The air pressure on the surface of Venus is extreme — about 90 times higher than the pressure at sea level here on Earth.
  6. Venus is rare among the planets in that we can see it cross in front of the sun.
  7. Venus can appear so bright that a pilot aboard an Air Canada flight in January 2011 mistook the dazzling planet for an oncoming aircraft.
  8. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras was the first to discover that the brightest stars in the morning and evening sky were the same object, Venus.
  9. Winds swipe across Venus at super-fast speeds that can reach 450 miles an hour (724 kph) in its middle cloud layer.
  10. When Venus is on the opposite side of the sun, it is in full phase, while it appears in a new phase when it is between the Earth and the sun.
  11. Venus May Have Supported Life Before Earth- 2.9 billion years ago Venus may have been a tropical paradise.
  12. Some scientists believe Venus may be a better option than Mars for human colonization.31 miles (50 km) above Venus' surface, the gravity is only slightly lower than Earth's, and the atmospheric pressure is about the same as Earth. The temperature ranges from 0–50 Celsius.

The End Notes

Venus is considered the evil sister of Earth. It's also been said that Men are like Mars and Women are Venus. Why? I can't describe this in detail. See the article above. That's all. Hope you get to know something interesting. Please share this article with your friends, buddies, and mates. Have a good one. 


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