Difference between crying for Happiness vs Sadness: 20 Amazing Psychology Facts

 Today I am sharing 20 Amazing Psychology Facts with you. Let's go deeper.

Difference between crying for Happiness vs Sadness: 20 Amazing Psychology Facts

20 Amazing Psychology Facts

  1. When you hug someone longer than 20 seconds, oxytocin-the love hormone - gets released into your body that makes you trust the person you’re hugging. Come on, give me a hug.
  2. You start feeling depressed as a result of overthinking. In this state, your mind creates problems that don't exist. So, stop work and relax for sometime.
  3. People are more likely to be happier when they are kept busy, as this stops them from thinking about the problems or negative things in life. Think about something good, think about me.
  4. When you remember a past event, you are remembering the last time when you remembered it. 
  5. Comedians and funny peoples are more depressed than others. That's true!
  6. When you are single all you see are happy couples, when you are not you find happy singles. This is called the opposite attraction.
  7. Women judge so quickly, and their judgment rarely goes wrong. Make women judges, they will work great as law protectors.
  8. The key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions. I will suggest investing money in Mutual Funds, they are subjected to market risk!
  9. Romantic love is biochemically indistinguishable from having a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  10. The people who prefer the window seat in every transport like to be alone during the travel. And some chose it because of vomiting.
  11. Anger lasting for more than 3 days indicates that you’re not in love. Oh, I am in love!
  12. A human head remains conscious for around 20 seconds after being decapitated. 
  13. A girl doesn't like to be stared at unless she stares at you first. Hey girls, allow me to stare at you.
  14. Psychology says people who are lying to you tend to look up and to their left. Now I am in the FBI.
  15. It takes 4 seconds for silence to become awkward. 
  16. When crying from happiness the first tear will come from the right eye but if you are crying from sadness it will come from the left. This fact is awesome!
  17. People are often more productive in blue rooms. Try and tell!
  18. It is possible to die from a broken heart. It’s called Stress Cardiomyopathy. I am sorry if I broke someone's heart!
  19. Good liars are better at detecting the lies of others. Can I?
  20. During your lifetime, you will spend around thirty-eight days brushing your teeth. Stop brushing and save time!

The End Notes

That's all in this article. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions or suggestions, comment down below. If you know any interesting Psychology facts, share them below so that others can learn good things. Have a good one.


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