Shocking Facts & Figures of our Universe

I have shared a lot of facts about Astronomy and Space in TheNotes already. Today I have tried to share Shocking Facts & Figures of our Universe. Let's go deeper.

Shocking Facts & Figures of our Universe

  • There are an estimated 70 sextillion stars in the knows universe, 7 followed by 22 zeros.
  • The largest galaxy in the universe is the elliptical galaxy, IC 1101. It has 100 trillion stars and 6 Million light-years in diameter in comparison the milky way galaxy has a mere 100 billion stars and 100000 light-years in diameter.
  • 10000000000 Solar neutrinos pass through every square inch of your body every second.
  • Researchers say that up to 50% of the water in your drinking glass was created over 4.5 Billion years ago. This means that the water in the earth is older than our solar system and the earth itself.
  • The Milky way has at least 6 billion earth-size planets, more than the total number of grains of sand in all Earth’s beaches and deserts and that's just in our galaxy.
  • There is a mass reservoir of water floating in space that is 100000 times bigger than our sun and it holds 120 trillion times more water than all of our oceans.
  • The average color of the universe is banished white and is named “cosmic latte”.
  • The largest object in the universe has a mean size of 6–10 billion light-year and theoretically, it shouldn’t exist.
  • A Blackhole produces the lowest “note” in the universe, to the tune B-flat that is 57 Octave below middle C.
  • There is a strange hypothesized matter called dark matter that takes up 84.5% of the universe and we are not completely sure what is it and we can't detect them.
  • The deepest multicolor image of the universe has been generated using the Hubble Space Telescope. The image shows a 13.2 Billion years old galaxy and is a compiled total of over 2000 separate images.
  • There is an object in the universe that is pulling the Milky way and millions of other galaxies toward it at a speed of 14 Million mph.
  • There are about 24 galaxies in the universe for every single person who lives on the Earth. A lot of property!
  • When you look at the Andromeda Galaxy(2.5 Billion light-years away), the light you are seeing too 2.5 Billion years to reach you. You are seeing the galaxy as it was 2.5 Million years ago.
  • Look at your wrist, see those bluish veins. The blood flowing through them contains Hemoglobin, a protein that has four Atoms incorporated into the structure. Iron is only naturally produced in one place. It can only be forged in the core of dying stars.
  • Instead of looking into the sky, you are gazing down into the infinite cosmic abyss, with only holding you to the surface of the earth.

The End Notes

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