What are Hot Jupiter?

What do you think of the word "Hot Jupiter"? Yes, it probably what you are thinking, but with a few modifications. Let's go deeper to understand this.

Hot Jupiter are giant planets that are very similar to Jupiter, but orbit very much closer than Mercury is to our sun, so these planets have an orbital period of two or three days and are extremely hot - absolutely getting roasted. We know that they couldn’t have formed there – they had to have formed farther out and migrated in, so what we’re still trying to understand are what are the forces that caused them to migrate in, whereas Jupiter seems to have migrated a little bit but more or less stayed put in our solar system.

How can we describe a Hot Jupiter?

An extremely hot planet with enormous gravity, which will fry you without oil.

Difference between Jupiter and Hot Jupiter

It's not that simple to define Hot Jupiter. Hot Jupiter are completely different from Jupiter. Let us understand why.

A Hot Jupiter would almost certainly be tidally locked with its star orbiting very closely. This means, with the same side facing the sun, there would be very different circulation of the atmosphere.

Hot Jupiter almost certainly incandesce, even ones cooler than the very hot one mentioned in this article. They are so hot, they emit light. In some cases, it would likely just be a ruddy glow. But in extreme cases, these planets glow like giant flames.

The End Notes

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