7 Things You Must Know About Time-Travel

The theory of time travel is often presented in science fiction media captivating audiences with its mysteries. Today scientists continue their ever ongoing research hoping one day to unlock the secrets of time travel!! But still, till now, there are many amazing facts revealed about time travel. Let's try to fetch few of them. Let's go deeper.

7 Things You Must Know About Time-Travel
7 Things You Must Know About Time-Travel

1.Time travel is possible: Once a non-believer of time travel, famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has since retracted his statement that time travel was impossible. Unable to find any physics law that prevents time traveling, he has since changed his stance on time travel, being possible but not practical!

2.Astronauts are time travelers: The phenomenon that causes astronauts to effectively travel back in time is known as time dilation, which says that clocks in space shuttles run slightly slower than on earth. For example, according to Quartz, American astronaut Scott Kelly stayed in space for 340 days and came back to earth 8.6 milliseconds younger than he would have been having he never left. It's not a lot but had he been traveling faster in space ??

3.The time-traveling Stock trader was a Frictional Story: Back in early 2000, a story of a mysterious man named Andrew Carlssin, who was arrested in 2003 for violation in high risks stock trade claimed that Andrew was a time traveler for 200 years in the future. This news shook the internet but was later reviewed to be a fictional story written by weekly world news!! :-p and again republished by Yahoo news!! :-P from where it became famous.

4. The theory of relativity is the base foundation of time travel: Time travel is being acknowledged by scientists all over the world only because of Einstein! According to his theory of relativity, time travel both forward and backward is possible, only if we can travel faster than the speed of light inside a wormhole! A wormhole would in turn acts as a bridge between space and time connecting the past and the present allowing us to travel to and fro freely!

5. A Royal Air Force Commander claimed to have been to the future in a Time-slip: Robert Victor, a senior commander in the royal air force of the United Kingdom has claimed to have time-traveled while flying over the former royal air force station. He saw mechanics in blue dresses fixing yellow plains which have not yet been implemented in 1935! Four years later the royal air force changed their uniform brown to blue and their plans to Yellow!

6. Over 184 movies and another 100 television series revolve around time travel: With the popularity and strong curiosity surrounding time travel, it's no wonder Hollywood has 184 movies and more than 100 tv series on time travel! My favorites are Donnie Darko, Looper, and Back To The Future!!!

7. The Philadelphia Experiment: Conspiracy theorists believe that the US navy tried to experiment in turning their Warships Invisible! The experiment failed and according to the Conspiracy theorists, the USS Eldridge traveled back in time for 10 seconds with crew members who said to have developed Psychosis and others with many illnesses. This event inspired a Hollywood film The Philadelphia Experiment!

The End Notes

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