End of The Universe with Gamma Ray Burst

It's a hot day, you and your mate are walking on a road, having an ice cream. Suddenly everything around you turns so bright that you close your eyes because it hurts. Then BAM !!! You, me, everyone, and everything else is reduced to ashes.

Universe vs Gamma Ray Burst

Wondering! What is it?

Thanos Snap? “I Am, Inevitable”

Could be. But it's not. It's a force in space that could wipe us all out. It’s called GRB (Gamma Ray Burst).

When a star goes Hypernova, the black hole left from it starts firing two lines of energy from its poles. To make matter worse, it spins.

If one of those poles is aimed right at us and hits the Earth, then we are toast. Literally. Bye-bye humans and all other living organisms!

A GRB can be powerful enough to vaporize the entire Earth in the blink of an eye. And we would not get early warning signals as the GRB travels close to the speed of light. That means one day we can all be walking down the street, the sky suddenly turns incredibly bright, and BAM. We're all dead. In the end, with a GRB, it all depends on the timing and the distance to the star that exploded.


At the moment no known star is near that stage. But the Earth would remain. Even if it's then a dead rock.

Another thing that could wipe us off is an asteroid named “Colossal God of Chaos” that is going to pass by earth at a distance of 30,577 km(19000 miles). Satellites orbit the earth at 36,000 km. This one is mighty close, a slight change in trajectory could wipe us out. We would all go down in flames.

The End Notes

The intention of writing this post was not to scare you or anyone. I found this interesting, that's why I am sharing it here with you all. If you have anything interesting to share, do let me know in the comment section below. I will try to include it in upcoming posts. And yeah, have a good one.


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