The Darkest Side of the Universe: TrES-2b

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TrES-2b, a planet as massive as Jupiter, that settles 750 light-years away in the Draco constellation. The alien world is darker than the blackest lump of coal than dark acrylic paint you might paint with.

Computer Generated Image for TrES-2b

About TrES-2b

TrES-2b is bizarre how this huge planet absorbs more than 99 percent of the sunlight falling on it, making it the least illuminated planet or moon discovered up to now. 

It is also because the gas giant is insanely hot that makes it lack reflective clouds.

The whopping high atmospheric temperatures that reach over 980 degrees Celsius often cause the planet to emit a red glow similar to burning ember or electric stove coils.

What Experts say about TrES-2b?

Astronomers believe TrES-2b to be tidally locked to its star, the same way the Earth is to our moon. This way, only one side of the sphere must be receiving the intense light of its star that's only 3 million miles separated from it.

The astounding blackness of TrES-2b makes the planet truly alien compared to anything we have in our solar system. It reinforces the notion of an extraordinary variety of worlds potentially inhabiting our galaxy.

The End Notes

It's a mystery to what's leading this heavenly body to be so ridiculously dark. Researchers highly suspect a chemical that's never thought of yet. Well, that's all in this article. If you want more articles like this. Please be sure to subscribe, TheNotes to get the latest updates directly in your mailbox. If you have any queries or suggestion, please share on the chatbox. Have a good one.


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