Why Sandes App has less chance to be successful?

India's Aatmnirbhar Bharat Mission is on fire. India now has alternatives for almost all big apps running around worldwide. But there was still a vacant place for an app that can connect Indians until Sandes was released. Sandes is a swadeshi instant messenger app just like WhatsApp where you can connect with your friends and families and chat with them. Today in this article I will share my views on why I don't think that Sandes app will be a big success? Let's go deeper.

Why Sandes App has less chance to be successful?

Before starting this article, let me share with you some basic key features of Sandes.

Key Features of Sandes App

It supports audio, video calls, and multimedia, and file sharing. 

It promises end-to-end encryption security on both modes of communication video and audio.

Like other messenger apps, it also offers customization such as message styling.

Users can create groups on Sandes.

Users can share contact sharing, message tagging, phone book synchronization, broadcast messages, and more.

Sandes also support chatbots for instant customer service.

Sandes offers chat history back up and a restore option.

How to download Sandes App?

For Android users, go to the https://www.gims.gov.in/dash/dlink and click on the Download button under the Android tab. For iOS users, go to https://www.gims.gov.in/dash/dlink and click on the link provided under the iOS tab. iOS users can also search the Sandes App directly in the App Store. 

The Special Feature: Message Tagging

In Sandes App you can tag a message with various tags depending on the priority of the message. The Sandes App provides the functionality to mark a message as Confidential, on Priority, or as Auto Delete.

Sandes Intelligent Chatbot

You can also use the Sandes Chat Bot service to view the registered dashboards and get weather information.

The Future of Sandes

I don't know much about how Government is setting up to launch Sandes, but I don't think that Sandes will be a big hit. Although people will try Sandes app as it is a homegrown messaging app and will seek the attention and emotions of Indians. To make it a hit and a great alternative to WhatsApp, it needs some more cool features like stories and web connectivity.

The End Notes

So, it's all about Sandes. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions or suggestions, do comment below, and please do share this article with your friends, buddies, and mates. I'll be back with some more interesting articles tomorrow. Till then, have a good one.


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