Foldable Smartphones are not mature

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Why would you want to carry the equivalent of 2 phones strapped together in your pocket weight-wise? Which incidentally also contains 2 batteries adding to the weight. These are some common issues with foldable smartphones. But there are a few more, which we are going to discuss in this article. Let's go deeper.

Foldable Smartphones are not mature

The Cons of a foldable Smartphone

  1. Foldable phones are yet to come with real glass displays making them fragile.
  2. There is no tempered glass or screen guard to protect the foldable screens yet.
  3. Without real glass, there will be creases and bumps on foldable screens within a few months of usage.
  4. Foldable smartphones don’t come with the latest hardware specs.
  5. It is difficult to repair foldable phones and score poorly on repairability.
  6. It’s expensive to get a foldable smartphone repaired.
  7. You will have to be extra careful while using the foldable phone and cannot treat it as a regular phone.
  8. Foldable phones are at a nascent stage and there are not too many options available.
  9. None of the foldable smartphones come with great flagship cameras.
  10. Foldable phones are still just about the design with very little difference in features.

The End Notes

The foldable smartphone is new to the market. I'm not questioning its usability. But these smartphones are still very new and not enough mature. Well, it's your choice to go for it or not. That's all in this article. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below. And yeah, have a good one.


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