Understanding the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

 Starting this article with a big bang of knowledge and information. Note these two things.

What is IDFA?

IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is a unique code that Apple assigns to each iPhone for third parties to track users for ad-targeting. It replaced Unique Device Identifier (UDID) with the release of iOS 6.

What is GPS ADID?

This is just an Android equivalent to IDFA. It stands for Google Play Services ID for Android. Users can access their GPS ADID in the settings menu. Noyb is currently reviewing Google’s tracking system as well.

Take these definitions lightly. But the role they play in the ecosystem of digital advertising is heavy. Seems interesting? It is actually. Let's go deeper.

Understanding the digital marketing ecosystem
Understanding the digital marketing ecosystem

The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

You may have noticed that whenever you search for any products in an online store, you start getting advertisements of the same or related products on your social media feed. Is this magic? Not actually. It's all a part of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Let us understand, in-brief and in-depth about this.

How did you get personalized advertisements and recommendations on your social media feed?

It's a really sweet and simple process. Let's understand it with the help of an example.

Whenever you search for any product on an online store, the store shares that information with a data broker. But wait, not only that information is shared but also along with it your device's IDFA(for iOS) or GPS ADID(for Android) number is also attached. This information is then shared with social media platforms. Then these platforms based on that unique device code (IDFA or GPS ADID) display the advertisements for the same on your feeds.

The Bad Internet Theory

Understand this article just as the teaser of my upcoming short book "The Bad Internet Theory". I hope you'll appreciate it too on 29th August. 

The End Notes

Internet is in the universe. The reality is that everything in the universe works like that. Take your brain into consideration. Isn't it the mini Universe? 

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