What are Galaxies revolving around?

  • Electrons are orbiting around the Nucleus
  • Moons are orbiting around the Planet
  • Planets are orbiting around the Sun
  • Solar Systems are orbiting around the Galactic Center
What are galaxies revolving around?
What are Galaxies revolving around?

Milky Way is our Galaxy(Universe) among immense Galaxies(Universes) in the widest Space of the Multiverse.

Galaxies are not orbiting anything else and the Multiverse Space is at the Absolute Rest. But is it true?

In this article, we'll try to find the answers. Let's go deeper.

Does Galaxies revolve around anything?

They revolve around each other (most of the times) or with respect to a larger group of galaxies(cluster or superclusters).
The term revolution or more precisely orbit means to move around a point or an object/collection of objects in a particular (generally circular or elliptical) path such that the object considered to be revolving is gravitationally bound to the object revolved around. As far as galaxies are concerned consider the case of Milky Way. The two smaller galaxies Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic cloud and various other dwarf galaxies in the Local group revolve around the Milkyway. Andromeda( the largest in the Local Group ) and Milky revolve around each other and It's been estimated that these two are going to merge into one another in a few billion years. Thus we can say that galaxies revolve around something although this something need not be the center of mass. These are just gravitationally bound to each other. The Local Group consists of around 50 galaxies that which are a part of larger Virgo cluster which in turn is the part of Laniakea Supercluster comprising of more than 10000 galaxies. It, too, has a center of mass. But all the galaxy clusters are not "orbiting" this center of mass. They are merely bound together, thanks to gravity. Beyond that as we all know the Universe is probably infinite and continously expanding there is no single point in space that is the center, or that is different from all the others.

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